Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eight is Great (and getting even better!)

Aw, shucks
Just so you know, I don't particularly love these pictures of us but sometimes being picky is only going to make matters worse and will never make matters skinnier. So. This particularly beautiful fall evening we were up Millcreek Canyon taking Russ & Jana's engagement photos and Jana-bless her-insisted on snapping a few of us. After all, it was the day before our anniversary. The kissing photo? Well, that was because as 8 year veterans we felt obligated to show the rookie newlywedstobe how it is done properly. Like this. You see? Instructional purposes only. Plus, I love him, so it was an easy sell.
Eight years ago I would not have been able to guess even one single detail about our life together today. It is nothing how I imagined it would be. Literally everything from where we live, where he works, where I work, (and don't get me started on my hair) is completely different than what we had envisioned. Spoiler: it's actually better. (Not necessarily my hair but we're working on that, too). Because 8 years after the cake and the honeymoon when you're holding sweaty, nervous hands with someone in the Dr.'s office you'd better be sure it's someone who is willing to fight in the trenches of life with you. Sometimes it is the surprises that make life better and even BEST.
Now, he will probably always set multiple alarm clocks separately to randomly odd times (like 6:13 and 6:26 and I will probably never be willing to iron his dress shirts, let alone be able to do it correctly. Yet, this thing this we do every day called marriage somehow works. Because when we need it most, he will carry my rock of burden and I will carry his. We're both learning how best not to drop it on each others toes. This makes the plenitude of sweet moments, big triumphs, and even small victories that we share all the more treasured. He's my lobster. Need I say more?
Of course I do. We did take a day last weekend to slip away and spend some time together. Although, ahem, he did work for most of it. Come to think of it, lounging alone in bed all morning watching the Food Network didn't seem to bother me much. He gets a free pass. BD ordered room service for breakfast because when BD's on vacation BD gets spendy, folks! This is what I found when I did finally emerge from bed: a 60 year old version of my husband, clad in white robe, reading the newspaper, and waiting patiently to eat his spicy man breakfast complete with hash browns and sausage and a whole side of Tobasco. Flash back to present day and if in 30 years I happen find this exact situation again, I'll consider myself the luckiest lady (or grandma?) that ever kept a man from his breakfast.

Happiness is

watching paper lanterns disappear into the night sky.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Weekend with Ellie

We had the pleasure of having our sweet niece Ellie stay with us last weekend and we learned a few things. First, two-year olds are smart. Waaaaaaaay smart. Smarter than us to be certain. She was constantly wowing us with her brilliance. Second, two-year olds are sweet. We each received an over abundance of hugs and sweet slobbery kisses all weekend. We loved it :). On Saturday the three of us hit up the zoo. Stroller, diaper bag, sippy cup, check. We did our best to look like competent caregivers the entire time. It was possibly 100% more fun for us than for her. We anxiously awaited her reaction to everything we did and saw. The BEBE ELFANT was a big hit! So were the monkeys, giraffes, sheeps, and the whoot whoot train. We loved having a little sidekick with us for a few days, it made life a little more colorful and a lot more lovable.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Visitors from Germany

For a few weeks during the end of September and first of October we had the privilege of hosting Julia and Michaela Habermann from Munich Germany. The family friendship and connection goes back to when their dad and BD's dad served as missionary companions in the Swiss/Germany mission way back when. We have all been to Germany to visit them, and likewise they have come to visit the Duncans here in Utah. This was Michaela's first time to the States and upon landing in Salt Lake she wanted to go straight to Temple Square before eating, sleeping, or anything else. BD was an especially good tour guide and in one day they visited 6 temples. We took them to do Baptisms in the Salt Lake Temple and it was a particularly sweet experience. They saw all the sights around Utah and even went shooting with BD's brothers, took a road trip to Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon, bought  sweatshirts from the BYU bookstore, and even ate my food :).

Friday, October 14, 2011

A big one: BD's 30!

Someone had a birthday this past weekend. We started the day with toasted pumpkin bagels smeared with whipped pumpkin cream cheese, because it seemed very very necessary for a fall birthday breakfast. Is it just me or do some men become more attractive as they age? Seems unfair. Then again, I don't have to change the oil. So. We finished the day with a beautiful dinner at Sundance accompanied by BD's family-we were late-but it was his birthday after all so no one seemed too upset. Whew! I was almost able to surprise him. But, no. He's more observant of my quirky behavior than I could ever give him credit for. As we were driving to dinner and I uncharacteristically wasn't having an ever-loving meltdown about the possibility of being late to a scheduled event and did not even attempt to call the restaurant and rearrange our romantic dinner reservation for two: he was totally on to me. It was also the twins birthday this week so we celebrated everyone together with rounds of apple pie and peach cobbler. Perfect company, perfectly fall.

On the way home I asked him what he wanted to do with his next thirty years.  
Raise a family with you, of course!
And so I say, he's a good man this birthday boy. One of the best, I think.
I've been working on another picture book filled with our traditional one handed self-portrait snapshots. It arrived just in time to justify it as pre-birthday gift. I must say, through all the ups and downs that were our twenties, we have had some fun, he and I.
 Happy Birthday BD!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

'Round Here

...are whisperings of a winter wedding - russ is engaged to the beautiful jana!..
...i'm dusting off the 'ol boots and sweaters to help cut the chill in the air...
...we're eating lots of hearty fall salads and meals with root vegetables...
...i love walking in the mornings with friends, when the weather permits...
...we're babysitting a busy bee toddler this weekend, please wish us luck ;)...'s all about coming home to sweatpants after work, i tell you what...
...i'm growing more and more excited for the holidays than ever before...
...we're ever inspired knowing others are making the impossible, possible...