Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deflated, not defeated

We're back from vacation, exhausted, and busy getting caught up with life. I have a million billion pictures to sort through from our trip and literally haven't had one second to peek at them yet. Stayed tuned for The Duncan's Roundhouse Kick to the East Coast. On another note, we're standing at the brink of summer with our toes hanging over a world of unknown, wondering what to do with this thing called life. This past year has been filled with a number of set backs, rejections, and let downs that have left us feeling...set back, rejected, and let down. The hot months ahead have been unofficially declared the summer of figuring it all out. And we will. One day at a time.

This video helped change my perspective this morning. After all, we're not experiencing anything profoundly new, just life.

At it's finest.

Watch it HERE.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Come on baby light my fire

We got home a little later tonight and didn't get around to opening the curtains right away. As a result, I almost missed the most stunning sunset of the year. This picture doesn't quite do the fiery red much justice, but if I had stuck my hand out to touch it, I would have been badly burned.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Words to live by

It's sold. Of course.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Competitive cycling at it's finest

B-rad has a new girlfriend. A mistress, if you will. She's a spunky red head, with dark highlights...which I never thought would be his type, but I've been wrong about these things a time or two before. He won't stop talking about her. She rides like a dream BLAH BLAH BLAH. She's so stiff BLAH BLAH BLAH, and soooo smoooooth BLAH BLAH BLAH. This summer we're gonna ride here and here and here. Blah. Blah. Blah. So they have big plans together. I get it. It rained yesterday and B-rad's new girlfriend had to ride on the front of the bus, in the rain mind you, and get wet for the very first time. He was devastated the whole bus ride home. And then of course I had to hear about it. Oh, the travesty. Wink wink.
I brought this on myself. After all, I did pick her out. It wasn't a difficult guess though. There are a dozen magazines floating around the house with page corners folded down and kissy marks all over her aerodynamic frame. He's been lusting over her a long time. He was even known to recite her specs out loud and without warning and certainly without being asked. This is my fault, I keep telling myself. I paid for her as a graduation gift, along with some much needed help from both our loving families. Oh boy. What did I do?
B-rad and I agreed on an open relationship right from the start. So I can't really say that I'm at all surprised with his steamy infatuation with the new girlfriend. There has always been a girlfriend or two or three. In fact, before he proposed with a ring he quasi-proposed with a bike, for me, so that I could have a boyfriend and there would be no room for jealousy. Well, admittedly I'm totally jealous of B-rad's new girlfriend. I repeat, totally. I came to this realization just yesterday when I picked up the happy couple from the bus stop.

On the way home...

Wifey: Oh yeah, tomorrow night I might have dinner with friends.
BD: Just girls? So, does that mean I'm not invited then?
Wifey: Well, I thought you'd want to go ride your new girlfriend instead!

And I was dead serious too.

He clutched his belly and laughed for 5 minutes straight before I joined him. Then he teased me about the hilarity of my jealousy. It's true. She's everything I'm not. But she makes him terribly happy, so I can't complain. I'll only roll my eyes now and then. That's a given.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Hot or Not?

ScarJo's music video...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

U of U graduate body found in a million billion pieces

My phone rings today, it's BD. I pick up.

BD: I don't think you understand.
Wifey: What?
BD: No, seriously. I don't think you understand.

And then it clicks. He must be walking somewhere in public, most likely on campus, because he is obviously exercising some seriously powerful built-up restraint in his voice and overall demeanor. I can tell he's about to explode.

Wifey: Oh. That. (chuckle) Yes, actually I think I do understand. It happened to me 3 years ago, b-member? Congratulations.

He's practically quivering now. And stuttered through his personal realization of what has just occured.

BD: I just finished my last undergraduate...anything! And it feels soooooooo good.

And then he did in fact explode.

A pretty funny guy

It's May 1st and I should have my new blog header up for this month. But I don't. Namely because I have some big-time-college-grad festivities to attend to this weekend-stay tuned. And OK, the more probable reason is that I've been watching Brian Regan's stand up instead. I've never heard of him until a co-worker sent me this link today. He gets a 4 out of 5 from me. Do watch.

Want more? Try part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.

I must know...

...who the devil is voting for Jason Castro? I almost couldn't sleep last night knowing that he wasn't voted off. It boggles my mind that he is still competing on American Idol. He should have been gone, like, weeks ago. And what really chafes me the most: he is more surprised about his unexplainable popularity than I am!In the famous words of GOB from Arrested: "Come on!" And if it wasn't Jason, then Brookie...sorry girl, it was just your time to go.