Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yellowstone-Quick Pass

The day after the race we took the long way home, through the Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Probably two of my most favorite places on earth. The beauty in this part of the country is unsurpassed. My sister and kids came up to Jackson, barely missing BD at the finish line of the race. We caravaned through the Parks stopping here and there to spy on animals or snap a quick photo. On the way home it was put to a vote and decided: BD and I could live there.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Let them eat cake

I still need to post about the other half of our weekend in Wyoming. However, it's too tempting not to post these first. I received a few images from the wedding today from my uber talented best friend Jessie O'Neal, who BTW did a KNOCKOUT job with the wedding photography. As always. Does she ever take a bad picture? She. blows. my. mind. I just wish I had more excuses to hire her.I'm terrifically pleased with how everything came together in the end. And I'm trying really extra hard to keep my criticisms to myself. Because you know they're there. The dessert table looked fabulous and (fingers crossed) tasted great too. Michelle did a top notch job on making the puff balls, but hanging them proved to be the real challenge. I certainly can't take all the credit; my sister Brook was the mastermind behind everything and was up with me until 4:00 am dipping cake pops AND was there late the next night taking everything down. She is nothing short of amazing. I should also thank BD, my mom and Marci for their generous help. Then there's the gracious hosts Michelle and Brett who so kindly allowed the bride and groom to use their gorgeous backyard. They were so helpful in the set up and take down and even in between. And I can't forget Judy's dear friends from the ward who were there helping with the food and were making us all laugh in the kitchen. Angels.Michelle worked her little hiney off to pull the wedding together in such a short time. She did an amazing job and should be proud of all her hard work.
Have a SWEET weekend! Do me a favor and eat something dipped in rich creamy chocolate. I know I will. Also, check out Jessie's newly revamped blog and website. And more from the wedding here.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Please excuse me, but I'm about to have a proud wifey moment right here on this blog. Big time. BD raced in the 27th LOTOJA Classic on Saturday. Decidedly, he loved all 206 miles. When I passed him on the last uphill towards Jackson at roughly mile 175 he was still smiling and I felt a rush of pride drench the whole front seat of my car. It felt good to see him enjoying the race entirely despite how painful all those mountainous miles sounded. He's been training and planning for this event practically all year. It's ALL he has talked about for months and months. The few days leading up to the event he was a nervous and excited wreck. So was I. He was a first-time rider and I was a first-time support crew so neither of us knew what to expect. Other than sending him off at the start line without water bottles {oops} I did a pretty descent job of keeping him fed and hydrated along the way. And I'm only trying to give myself an ounce of credit here because the feed stations were stressful! I would arrive early and plant myself at station 9 {as instructed} and wait and wait. After about 6 false alarms of other riders flying by in red/white jerseys, finally BD would come pedaling up frantically searching all the faces until he found mine. Now both of our adrenaline was pumping. In less than 7 seconds he would throw out all his empty bottles and garbage while I shoved more food, water, and Gatorade into his pockets. A sweaty kiss {if lucky}, a slap on the rear and a Way to GO babe! You look HOT in spandex! Keep up the pace! and he was off in a flash. A quick wipe of my brow and and I was rushing off to the next feed station with a long line of support vehicles. It was actually nice to have all that alone time in the car, driving through the remote farm lands of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Small towns make me feel nostalgic and I always picture myself living there. I'm sure people in the country have the same old problems that people have in the city, but on a quiet Saturday morning when the early sun is kissing the fields just that sure doesn't seem like it. I was almost certain that I could have knocked on any door only to be offered fresh huckleberry pancakes served over a red gingham table cloth. There was lots of beautiful scenery along the way. Lush farm lands, winding rivers, green hills, rocky mountains. The weather was cooperative and absolutely gorgeous; all 206 miles were sun-shiny and pleasantly warm. I was just grateful to be a part of it.Dan and Ali were there at the finish line anxiously waiting for him to sprint through. We missed the others who would have come; Lee, who is battling a wicked kidney stone, and Michelle and Ben who were nursing him better back home. BD felt their support along with many others throughout the day with lots of good luck text messages and phone calls. I have to give a BIG thanks to my aunt Polly and JoAnn who not only fed us, but let us sleep at their house in Logan the night before.We hooted and hollered like wild hyenas when BD came sprinting over the finish line at 4:20 pm with a super fast time of 9:37:49. I am so proud of him for accomplishing this goal. Covered in at least 1/4 inch of salt-sweat and grime, he was exhausted to his very core, but in true form...still smiling. Perhaps beaming wider and brighter than I have ever seen before.

Friday, September 11, 2009

one o one

  1. My idea of a "cat nap" is at least 3 hours long.
  2. If I drink even the smallest amount of caffeine I'm up all night.
  3. I lift one leg up while applying mascara.
  4. I have vowed to give up most of my favorite TV shows.
  5. Come fall line-up I'll probably most definitely regret this decision.
  6. There is way too much filth on TV and I've become desensitized by it.
  7. I get the Sunday night blues. Every. Sunday. Night.
  8. When I'm scared, nervous, or anxious I pull out my eyebrows and eyelashes.
  9. I only like green bananas.
  10. Mark Rothko is my favorite American Artist.
  11. I tweaked my back a couple weeks ago and the pain is slowly getting worse.
  12. But I'm too scared to call the Dr. {insert Lindsey and Gob's chicken dance}
  13. If Arrested Development was still on TV, I would not ever give it up.
  14. My hubby shaves his legs and I love it. A lot.
  15. Sometimes I'm jealous that he has sexier legs {by far} than I.
  16. Then I remember that he rides his bike everywhere and I shut up.
  17. I don't really want to plan our 10 year High School reunion.
  18. I have a secret life.
  19. I strongly dislike crude humor in movies.
  20. The surrounding mountains give me a false sense of security.
  21. I never thought a house this amazing existed in Salt Lake.
  22. I just checked our bank account and we are exactly $699,000 short of owning it.
  23. Sometimes not saying anything at all is the best possible thing.
  24. Learning that the hard way is the worst possible thing.
  25. I've unexpectedly made new friends this year.
  26. My life has been blessed enormously because of them.
  27. Still, perhaps nothing can replace my oldest friends.
  28. Because they've seen me do stupid stuff and seen me naked and have possibly seen me do stupid stuff while naked.
  29. They are my friends anyway, wherein lies the beauty of it all.
  30. My relationship with Christ is without a doubt the most important thing in my life.
  31. I do not appreciate Al Roker's humor.
  32. I am totally jealous of someone who left last week to live in France.
  33. Oh to be 20 again and want to travel the world just because I can.
  34. I'm 27 and still want to travel the world.
  35. I hope that sentiment never changes about me.
  36. I only have room in my heart to love one pair of jeans at a time.
  37. My new shoes are giving me the biggest baddest blisters and I don't care because they're beautiful.
  38. I am discernibly terrified to become a mother.
  39. If ever a mother, I predict I will be the biggest emotional disaster the world has ever seen.
  40. Which is why I try not to think about it much.
  41. I think about one or both of my grandmother's everyday.
  42. I shave my fingers and toes.
  43. As much as I try to hide it, I'm a true introvert.
  44. Sometimes I cry for no palpable reason which becomes reason enough to keep crying.
  45. I consciously have to force myself to drink enough water during the day.
  46. I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday.
  47. I channel Diana Ross whenever possible.
  48. Hugging my pillow while sleeping brings me insurmountable joy.
  49. After an experience I had this year, I will never discount the meaning of my dreams. Ever.
  50. I have not eaten fast food since December 31st, 2008.
  51. I don't miss it at all.
  52. That's a lie. I miss Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. And fries. But that's it.
  53. It's a wonderful thing to be married to a hopeless romantic.
  54. I do 90% of my clothes shopping at one store.
  55. I am really proud of my family.
  56. I freak out when I lose control of what's happening in my life.
  57. I'm constantly forgetting which is my left and right, I mean my other left, or is it right?
  58. First thing I do when I get home from work? Pants off!
  59. I know a lot of secrets.
  60. No, they are not about you.
  61. I love trying new restaurants and would eat out everyday if I could.
  62. I've been thinking a lot about law school.
  63. Although I don't want to be a lawyer.
  64. I miss learning in a secular environment.
  65. I feel my brain is getting all soft and mushy.
  66. I could watch Friends re-runs for hours and never get bored.
  67. Which I guess is why my brain is all soft and mushy.
  68. Admittedly, I am not a good housekeeper.
  69. I keep a separate throw away journal where I write about things I intend to forget.
  70. I love to cook for BD because everything I make is the best thing he's ever eaten.
  71. Sometimes, eternity seems too damn long.
  72. But if there are cheeseburgers involved, I might be into it.
  73. Sometimes sad music is what makes me happy.
  74. My food scale is my best friend.
  75. I wish to write a children's book someday.
  76. Today, Rome is my favorite place on the earth.
  77. I once saw a women being raped and couldn't do anything about it.
  78. Neither could she.
  79. I get anxiety from driving a stick shift and will do everything in my power to avoid hills.
  80. I don't get my feelings hurt that often.
  81. But when I do, I don't get over hurt feelings very fast.
  82. There are no words for how much I loathe people who litter cigarette butts.
  83. I plan on dying before my husband.
  84. He will be in big big trouble if he doesn't stick to the plan.
  85. My feet are sooo ticklish that even a pedicure can turn into awkward feet flirting.
  86. I think Alan Jackson is one sexy cowboy.
  87. My favorite scripture is Ether 12:27.
  88. I have a dream to buy a T@B RV and drive around North America with just BD.
  89. My handwriting is an unpredictable mixture of random capital and lowercase letters.
  90. I am more grateful for my job than almost anything else.
  91. I really enjoy serving with the Young Women, they fill and refill a huge void in my life.
  92. I live for Friday nights and Saturday mornings.
  93. I kill plants. It's just a fact of life.
  94. When I sit down in a movie theater, I have the uncontrollable urge to buckle my safety belt.
  95. I hate theme parks.
  96. And carnival food.
  97. But I love museums.
  98. And sushi.
  99. Try not to hold that against me.
  100. Whatever it is, I validate you, whoever you are.
  101. BD and I are out the door this afternoon to LOTOJA 2009. Wish him luck!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

For the love of art

One of my best friends is married to this guy, this rugged outdoorsy activist kind of guy. He's also an incredible painter. And I can't stress the incredible part enough. I've been a long time admirer of Chris Peterson's work. I gawk at it each time I'm in their home because it's all over their walls like a fine art gallery. I even managed to swindle him into letting my office borrow a painting for our waiting area. So there's that, which leads me to this. For several years, I've been asking Chris to paint an abstract cityscape of Salt Lake City. And for several years he would not.

Being the conservationist that he is, Chris typically paints landscapes and symbols of the Great American West; the guy has literally been to every nook and cranny of the Great American West. Granted, I was asking for something a little bit out of his comfort zone; concrete and steel. However, I knew Chris was the only one that could give me what I wanted. He was the only one who could paint how I feel about this beautiful place where I live: my Beehive city cradled perfectly beneath the ever present Wasatch Mountains.

So I persisted. Every once in a while Chris would entertain the idea and get me all worked up like a kitten who has just spotted milk. And then? Nothing. But he's an artist, and you know these romantic artsy types, they are fickle and emotional and they get very attached to their work to the point they feel it has somehow become part of their actual being. I majored in studying people like him. Essentially, I was asking Chris to slice off his ring finger and give it to me so I could mount it on my wall. I was all, dude, you have 9 others and I will pay you for it. Still, nothing. But finally FINALLY one day this summer he casually mentioned that he had started my painting.

I died.

Then I quickly came back from death {I know!} and have been on pins and needles ever since. At a summer BBQ he made the mistake of showing me a camera phone pic of a half-way completed version.

I died again.

It was perfect even incomplete. I would have taken it home right then and there. But no, I had to be patient and wait for the artist to work it over, and re-work it until it had reached that acceptable state of amputation. Every once in a while I would hit BD square in the chest and ask "Do you think he's working on it right now? Do ya?" He was. We've been anxiously waiting for the painting to be complete and on Sunday...we got the call. The final product? It speaks for itself:I mean, come on. Have you ever seen anything so divine? Words nearly escape me when I try to describe how this painting makes me feel inside. On the outside, screaming and jumping and hugging and crying and Chris' red embarrassed face barely nick the surface. The best part is that it's painted on a door. And yes, that's a racquetball moon. I told you it was awesome. I'm beyond pleased with it. Thank you, Chris.Chris will be showing this painting, along with his other recent works, at Poor Yorick's Fall Open Studio on September 25-26. Come check him out!Oh, and how is Chris' finger you might ask? I've had to gently remind him that things worked out pretty darn good for van Gogh in the end.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Husband's little sis said I do yesterday; it was simple and lovely and I cried. Which is what I do best at weddings. Watching him watching her, it was surreal for BD to see his baby sister all grown up, a beautiful blushing bride, anxious to start life and family with her one and only. On the way home my one and only held my hand and said sweet things and I remembered our day once upon a time. It makes me weepy. Not just the memory of that day, but rather of all the best we've had between that day and today. With love, we wish Ben and Michelle all the best in their uncharted road ahead because all the best is there to be had.