Sunday, December 21, 2008


Photographing family (more so BD, but hey, I was there too), you know that last minute oh yeah, what about Christmas cards this year? kind of stuff.Showering with Mentha Body Wash. It's the perfect pick me up for those slooooooow starting winter mornings. Reading Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin.Visiting Temple Square to see the lights with a group of red-nosed and giggling gals and guys.Gifting V Chocolates Toffee. This is not your grandma's toffee. It's better. It's local. And I like it.Listening to This Warm December. It's a mosey on over here and snuggle with me Holiday album that's not too Holiday if you know what I mean.Using and abusing Scotch double stick tape. BD may have duct tape, but I have this. I LOVE to wrap.Admiring my new songbird ornaments, they have me twitterpated every time I walk by. Set of 3 currently 50% off at the Sundance Outlet.You Tubin' the doghouse commercial. My sister sent me this link and it really cracks me up.

Looking forward to a few days off work to spend time with BD and family, dig out the snowshoes, catch a movie or two, get ready for Mocktail 09, and and just enjoy the beauty that life is.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cake Pops: Alice in Wonderland Style

Oh boy, 'tis the season. I've been flat out at work this past week and the holiday season never fails to keep us busy running around town here and there, grateful to have so many fun things to be attending and so many wonderful people to be celebrating the season with.BD's cousin asked me to make cake pops for her daughter's Alice in Wonderland birthday party. The decorations were so gorgeous and whimsical and the cake pops looked beautiful along side the rest of the tea party decor. I loved it and I love her sense of style! It made me really excited to have a little girl someday.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Let the holiday baking begin! All we need is snow...

Monster Cookies via happy:blissful

Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Turkey and fixings with loved ones
Hit the road with a kiss goodbye
drive through clouds
another white dashPit stop in Lost Wages
Lunch in the Hollywood Hills
Not shopping on black Friday
Picnicking on the beach
Beach cruisin' on the boardwalk
Giddy smiles in warm weather
Getting lost, being found
Frozen bananas from a banana stand
Napping on the beach
Waves crashing
Maybe we should move here?
It's perfectSurprise tickets to Celine Dion
Big Diva moments
Major thanks to the best husband in the world!
We should do this every year


I've posted before about how I'm head over heals for the T@B tear-drop trailers. Then BD's cousin emailed me and clued me in that they are indeed available in the US and even in, that's right...Utah. I know!!! Freaking out right? My little crush just blossomed into a full blown love affair. On the way home from our little road trip over the weekend we spotted one of these beauties on the road. For a brief moment I turned into paparazzi borderline stalker and snapped a few shots because it seemed more appropriate than rolling down the window, jumping onto the roof of the trailer and demanding to be adopted by the couple driving the ship. Seeing a T@B in action, on the road, only reinforced my desire to someday tour all the national parks in the west with my one and only toting one of these and perhaps a bambino or two. {sigh}