Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh. Yeah.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My commuter wifey

I usually don't post on our family blog, I leave that to Gina since she's better at it. But today I had to brag about her. I get up early to work a few hours from home before I go to class, but when I woke up today, Gina was already up and she said, "I think I want to ride to work today." After I pulled my lower jaw off the floor I said, "Honey, that's wonderful! And since I have to be to school early for a test anyway, I'll ride with you." She really liked that idea because she hadn't ridden to work yet and didn't know what bike route was the best. One good thing about Salt Lake City is that there are so many bike lanes. So we rode together to her office (Click to see the route) and then I took off for my test. Of course, 700 feet of downhill on the way to work will put a smile on anyone's face, hence these pictures on the way to work and at the office. (note the smiles at 8:00am! That's rare.)

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Now coming home is a different story because you have to go UP that 700 feet of elevation to get back home. See pics below (note Gina's expression... you may think that's a smile, but in reality 700 feet of climbing does NOT, I repeat does NOT put a smile on Gina's face. That's really her trying to convince me to pick her up in the car).

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I really am proud of her and she even says that she wants to do it more now! It's such a great way to get exercise and we didn't even have to drive at all today! That's pretty amazing, and it actually feels really good. We're lucky that we live close to most of the places that we need to go every day, and Salt Lake City makes it even easier to ride instead of drive. They say the average person is supposed to get 30 minutes of exercise most days each week. That did it for Gina and me today and it felt good.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Big Springs BBQ

With summer steadily slipping away, one last BBQ up the canyon was a must. Big Springs up South Fork Canyon is outrageously beautiful this time of year. My inner botanist tells me the leaves will be changing any minute now. We had a ridiculous amount of fun, if I say so myself.

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There was food, of course.

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...and games too. Croquet has been added to our vast repertoire of outdoor fun.

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Check out these skillz! And I'm not talking about the babies here. For example, look at my form with Harper's bottle. I'd give it an 8.5 at least. And even though Kenadie might look a tinsy bit worried, she isn't even screaming. It's impressive.

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This BBQ was also a great excuse for us girls to say goodbye to Lisa, Chris and Shiloh who are moving to Jackson, WY soon. The BBQ was a SURPRISE! for them (at least sort of, right Lisa?). In true form, Chris caught, gutted, and BBQ'ed a trout right before our eyes. They will be missed immensely.

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P.S. Emmie dropped a BOMB on us. More to come on that I'm sure.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I tried the Green Drink

...and loved it! I have heard great and marvelous rumors about the health benefits of a "green drink" but I've never had a recipe to try it, or testimony's to back it up. I was super excited to see such a recipe posted on Becky Westover's blog several weeks ago. This morning was the first chance I've had to try it, and the results are in: it's delicious! However, Brad took his first drink and immediately pulled his face together as if he just eaten a big hand full of Sour Patch Kids. It was humorous. But I didn't believe his charades for one minute. The drink isn't sour at all, I think it's plenty sweet just as it is. I can see why it would be tempting to add less fruit even. In the end Brad did drink his whole glass, so really it can't be that bad. And he couldn't deny that it was very healthy for him. He seemed very excited when he yelled "it will give me Popeye strength to go fix my bike!" as he rushed out the door to the garage. I could see me making this drink a lot. I really like spinach, always have, but I can't get away with spinach salads for dinner very often. Brad always says "salad is what food eats" while banging his chest like a cave man. By making these smoothies I can eat all the spinach I want for breakfast, lunch or...dinner. And I'll even bet you money that Brad will join me. Try it, I DARE you, and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quick trip over Labor Day

Brad and I had a really great Labor Day weekend and took full advantage of the extra day off work. The first part of the weekend we hung out with friends, Brad did car "things" (whatever that entails) with his dad and brother while I went to Swiss Days in Midway with some girl friends (and we all know what that entails). Since we didn't "go anywhere fun" in Brad's words during July and August he was itching to get out of the valley even for just a day. Saturday night Brad and his dad planned a quick trip down to Bryce Canyon and Boulder Mountain for Sunday and Monday. The weather was perfect and we saw some really beautiful country that is right in our backyard. Brad had to stop at nearly every view point to take pictures. It was a jam packed weekend, but lots of fun!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that while in Bryce Canyon we were stalked by a Park Ranger who could (no joke) double as a white version of Deputy R. Williams from Reno 911. It was awesome. Need I say more??