Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bee in the Wild: 2 years

Two years running, this girl has my whole heart. Phoebe is thoughtful and cautious and yet utterly defiant and independent at times. She is genuinely trying to make sense of the world around her and I feel great pangs of guilt everyday that I am not exposing her to little gym and kinder music outings like her peers are (who perhaps don't have baby brothers holding them hostage). Phoebe loves hiking and riding along in the pack-pack on daddy's back. She can spot a dandelion puff from a mile way. Our afternoon walks are perfect opportunities to collect rocks and sticks and even chewed gum (before mommy noticed). She loves to crawl into her little brother's crib and their two giggles in the morning are the very best thing to wake up to in the whole world. When it's raining, she knows that it's time for rain boots and can put them on all by herself. When the weather is stormy she is cautious and keeps close to my legs in the event of booming thunder. One day while I was reading and rocking her down for a nap she was particularly uneasy about the ongoing thunder storm. I did my best to reassure her that all was well and that the sound of thunder was simply the clouds bumping into each other in the sky. She looked up at me with big concerned eyes, almost on the brink of tears, and asked "birdies?" I realized her kind little heart was worried about what was happening to the birds during the storm.
A morning outing to the zoo is sure to be the highlight of her day and by now she knows her way around and doesn't need mom. Julian and I have to be quick if we want to keep up with those long legs. The elephants, otters, and seals are the must stops. However, her favorite part is riding the carousel at the end. Such a treat! I love to see her eyes widen and she takes it all in.
She was terrorized by a bee one day while sitting on the back steps. It didn't sting her, all I can tell is that it was flying by her and she had a sheer panic attack and screamed like I've never heard her before. She screamed the same way for about 2.5 hours of her naptime. I couldn't really understand why she was so scared, only that she kept saying "bumble bee fly away" about 100 times through hard sobs. She lost it a couple more times during the day because there was a fly in the house. Blood curling screams and huge tears. We were both beside ourselves. These are the moments that I will look back on when she's 16 and long for. But that day was really hard.
Phoebe is cautious around strangers and can be slow to warm up even to grandparents. But in our home she is a lively chatter-box with the most exuberant little personality. She does a good job mothering Julian and sometimes needs reminding about who is actually the mom. Phoebe makes us smile and laugh everyday. She holds us accountable for family prayers and is loving the nursery at church. Every day she is a reminder of miracles in our lives. We love her so much. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

A bum way to start the summer

Miss Phoebes fell off a kitchen chair and broke her right clavicle this week. I was only 3 feet from her but had my back turned to the stove so I don't know exactly what happened. Only that when I rushed to pick her up she was so inconsolable I instinctively knew something was definitely wrong. We snuggled on the couch for a bit, but every time she would move her arm she would burst into tears. She was incredibly brave at the Instacare, but having to pin her down for the X-ray nearly sent us both through the roof in pain. They obviously can't cast a broken collarbone so we are trying a sling to help keep her arm still. But she's two afterall. And rather wiggly. She will seem ok and forget about it for a moment, then try to reach for something or move her body and immediately feel the break all over again and burst into tears. This happens about once a minute. She will have to learn how to protect the break on her own. To help her sleep at night we wrap the arm close to her body. These kids are resilient and I'm certain she'll be back to her old self within a few weeks. I'm not sure we could have survived the day without chap stick. She LOVES chap stick and it seemed to be the only thing that could take her mind off the break. Pain management is tricky and she's frustrated about the loss of independence. Totally bum way to start the summer.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Julian's Blueprint: 11 months

Our little buddy is 11 months old today. Julian is all heart, all the time. Such great passion stuffed in that little body. Kisses, loves, hugs, pats, and smiles all day long. If he's sad while driving in the car, dad will reach back and offer a hand to hold. It works every time and quiets him down as he holds a friendly finger. When he gets hurt Julian heads straight for momma in need of a love and kiss before venturing bravely back into the wild. I can't lie, it feels amazing to be that special someone for him that can make those little bonks all better. Julian is nursing every morning and night and we both love the snuggle time. He likes to rub my neck and face while eating and is always finding a place to fish his hands. Julian has finally mastered the hand-and-foot crawl and is super fast and super stoked on this advancement in getting around.
He is starting to flex his muscle with Phoebe which means he will scream if she takes his toy or doesn't share her toy. The two of them have their spats throughout the day, but it's pretty obvious the admiration they have for one another. Julian could watch her all day, just studying her every move, amazed at all the cool and seemingly hilarious things she can do and the ways she can push moms buttons. They are totally bored without each other when the other one is napping. He loves music but even without it he bounces constantly and especially while perched on moms hip.
He is the messiest eater and I absolutely dread mealtime because of the giant mess it involves. Sometimes I take their highchairs to the backyard and let the birds deal with it. I don't know if food actually makes it in his mouth because it seems that I mop most of it out of his hair or off the floor. He loves bananas and eats a whole one by himself each morning. If I don't give him the banana first he bounces in his chair until I hand it over. He is gradually becoming a better and more consistent eater and sometimes surprises us by shoving fist fulls of veggies in those cheeks.
But, oh, is he handsome. I'm telling you, those eyes...good night moon. And he has this sneaky smile when he tilts his head to the side when caught doing something like, "but mom, I love to chew on electrical chords so can't you just let this one slide?" It makes us chuckle, but in a "good thing you are so cute" sort of way. His trouble spots around the house always have to do with chords of any kind. The baby proofing never ends.
Julian. Juju. Jubbers. Jubber Bubbers. The nick-names never stop for him and he answers to all of them, especially "Juge" or "Jubs" from Phoebe who shortens them all on her own. I find myself feeling constantly grateful for him being such a content and happy baby. We've come a long way from those newborn days. Our little Jules is such a joy, such a pill, such a love. And frankly, we wouldn't want him any other way.