Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's a TEN

A blog worthy milestone: The Bradlee Duncan's celebrated 10 years of marriage this month. Here's the thing about marriage (mawage...). You can never predict what problems you will face as newly wedded and blissed out on love. And the problems you do inevitably face as a couple, as a family, and as a deeply flawed human being, are never what you think they will be. At our ten year mark I'm not going to write that I'm grateful for the challenges we have faced, even though I might admit that sentiment in an honest conversation with a friend. That particular colloquialism has the tendency to sound trite. Because those challenges are real, are hard, it hurts, and we are equally human. I will say that marriage continues to be a refining process for both of us and if there is one thing I know for certain, it is we are yoked in this partnership equally together. I'm often amazed at where his strengths pick up where I'm lacking and vice versa. Ultimately I'm grateful for his easy temperament and passion for life. He's thoughtful and the true romantic in our relationship. He's my confidant and sounding board. My #1 fan. He sticks his long bony cold freezing feet on me. every. single. night. But you know what? He's still the one.

With two young babies and newly house poor it wasn't in the cards for extravagant gift giving or vacationing this year. Brad took the day off of work which was absolute heaven for me. We had lunch at our favorite little cafe in the avenues just like we did after our temple ceremony and just like we do every year on our anniversary. We hiked Ensign Peak. We had take-out pizza for dinner. We played with our kids with the purpose of really enjoying them. It was a right perfect day indeed.
Happy Anniversary my love. I love us.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Standing behind her high chair I twist the top square of Phoebe's medium blond hair through an elastic while she is momentarily distracted by licking peanut butter off apple slices. I have about 4 seconds to secure this elastic before it becomes a wrestling match. She is serenading our little threesome with a new song the world has never heard and may never hear again. I'm in love with her nonsensical babble. The southern sun is pouring through my kitchen windows warmly as it does everyday during lunchtime. Julian is perched in his hand-me-down pink bumbo seat on our kitchen table watching intently and cooing at us while chewing on his bib, which is soaked clear through with his own spit up. In fact, a pool of spit up has begun flooding the table below his feet. It's disgusting, actually. He is so handsome. He catches me looking at him and jerks his hands excitedly up to his face squealing in delight. This is it. The epicenter of my day. The moment where my heart raps against my ribcage because the love I have for these two babies is so powerful, so genuine it takes me out for a brief second. It's the moment that makes the difficult hours preceding and the difficult hours ahead not only bearable but absolutely worth it.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn Comes

Feels like autumn, damp and crisp
Rosy on my nose
Sunday walks with my kin in tow
Smells like autumn, pumpkin bread wisp
Socks covered on toes
A perfect eve tied with a bow

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Juju's Blueprint: 4 months

Little brother is now 4 months old and is simply the happiest baby. There is nothing better than a baby's laugh and Julian has the most ridiculously cute laugh we've ever heard. He beams when you just look at him; it's as though he can't help but nearly burst. His whole body smiles with him! Knock on wood, but it seems like we are making some big improvements with sleeping right at 4 months. Which is a good thing, because yowzers this past month has been a leeeetle rough. Julian regressed back to waking 2-5 times each night with lots of trouble falling back to sleep. Rough nights for Julian translate to rough days for mom (and even dad!). Sleeping during the day can be non-existent as he prefers 20 minute power naps. Note: this does NOT work for mom. Juju has found his voice and has the loudest squeals. Once he gets going, there is no stopping him. He will squawk until his voice is horse. He is so close to rolling over, any day now he will flip that chubby little body right over. He loves to sit in the bumbo and watch Bee throw food around or mom busying about the kitchen. We've got sphincter problems, big time! Boy can't hold his liquor milk. This picture is a perfect representation. We changed into this onsie literally 1 minute before his photo shoot thinking that if we acted quick it would remain clean for the picture. We won't be that sad to have him grow out of this. The amount of laundry this kid generates alone is absurd for such a little guy. Juju loves to hold toys and almost can't believe his luck when he shoves it in his mouth. He is growing so fast, if only we didn't have to blink so we wouldn't miss it. Momma's back aches from rocking him. Daddy's arms are sore from swinging him. We are all tired. And yet, he is worth it all. I mean, look at that smile!