Monday, September 30, 2013

Late in the summer, late in the day

Sometimes a little walk outside can be the perfect end to a crazy day. A late-summer after dinner before bath time tradition of exploring our new neighborhood has saved the day more times than I can count. Bee perks up when we suggest an evening walk and runs to find her shoes. Julian loves to be outside and will calm right down the minute we walk out the door. It is amusing to watch Bee discovering her world and we collect treasures of leaves and sticks all along the way. Her very favorite thing to do is sit on top of the fire hydrants, perched like a little queen admiring her kingdom. Just a short walk to calm a fussy baby, to tire an energetic toddler, to refresh a tired mother, to bring a busy daddy home. Summer is fleeting and I will miss these days when they are gone.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wild and free, forever she may be

You have these days as a mom, where you want to freeze time just so everything would be still that you might step back with a long breath to pause and simply marvel at the little people who own your heart. This was one of those days. She is one of those people.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Juju's Blueprint: 3 months

Our little buddy is 3 months old today. This kid. I tell you. He is a rascal. But boy oh boy does he have his momma's heart. Every time we *think* we have him figured out, he throws us a curve ball, and wham! Turns out we don't :). But even when not sleeping well and having a (super) short fuse, Julian is the happiest baby on earth. During his awake times (when he's supposed to be awake) he giggles and laughs with such conviction it causes us all to laugh right along with him. Juju is super ticklish on his neck and thighs. It is so fun to make him belly laugh, and daddy can get him going like no one else. Don't sweat the small stuff, he reminds us, and it's all small stuff. Julian loves to eat, and often! He is still super spitty (sphincter problems! we say every time we are doused with baby puke). He is enjoying tummy-time more and more, although it's a surefire way to empty his stomach and light his fuse. He has started to notice Bee and beams his brightest smile when he sees her zooming around his head. Until he gets bonked, and then he sounds the call for momma to rescue him. In one day I can be told that Julian looks exactly like his sister, or just like his dad, but definitely my son. I can agree with all of them, but I especially see a resemblance to my brother Tom through Julian's big beautiful eyes. At 3 months Juju has found his hands and loves to chew on them any chance he gets. He has found his voice as well and we can have long chats together about the weather, his older sister, and all the family secrets. Julian is a lover and a fighter. This kid has got spirit! He is intense and passionate and a momma's boy to boot. We love our Juju, to the moon and back.
Just for fun: Bee at 3 months in the exact same outfit. 

Monday, September 09, 2013

Willa's Workshop and Fairy Festival

My mommy heart had been craving some one-on-one time with Phoebes and Willa's Fairy Festival seemed like the perfect evening outing for us girls. We were first timers to the festival, which was wonderful and magical, even for the adults. Little fairy's (and pirates, and gnomes, too!) running all over the gorgeous host estate. All for a good cause. We met some of our besties there too, which made for a super fun glitter filled evening. The weekend before I made a quick trip to the craft store and was able to whip up a fairy wand for just a couple dollars. I like my wand, I mean her wand, so much I don't let her play with it. Ha! Spending precious time with my fairy was just what I needed that day.

Friends: Bee, Jane, Caroline, Leah, Gigi
Note: I read the festival raised over $27,000 that night to help open doors for women in education. Absolutely amazing.
"You can do anything you think you can. Knowledge is literally the gift of the gods, for through it you can solve every human problem. It should make you an incurable optimist. It is the open door."-Robert Collier