Sunday, June 16, 2013

Juju's Blueprints: 4 Days!

Well hello there, handsome! He is scrumptious, is he not? We are loving on this little slice of heaven and are so grateful that he's here safely and part of our family. Mom is also so thrilled to not be pregnant anymore! Thank you for being born, littleman. Julian looks very much like his big sister Phoebe. Speaking of big sister, she solidified the nickname "Juju" when she first saw him in the hospital and said "Juju" while giving him kisses on the head. That was such a sweet moment and inevitably he's been our little Juju ever since. Juju has very masculine features. Check out those little bear paws of hands! The nurses couldn't get over how long his fingers are. He has a nose that we can't quite place just yet. Richman eyes. Duncan mouth and chin. Same exact feet as Phoebe. And his very own signature clicking tongue. It's adorable, and signals to mom that he's ready to eat. He is nursing like a champ, which momma is thankful for. He is sporting a nice tan from being jaundiced and we are having his bilirubin checked everyday. Mom handles the pokes and blood draw much better this time around having been through it once before. Dad loves to snuggle with his buddy and test for ticklish spots. Big sister loves to give him lots of kisses and will lean in with her mouth wide open. We are talking endlessly about being soft, but sometimes her excitement and curiosity translates into a poke in the eye or slap to the face. So far, Juju has been a very good sport about the extra loves. Oh how we adore this little manly munchkin and can't wait to watch him grow into the person he was sent here to be. What a lucky family we are to have him as our very own. Welcome Julian! We love you all the way.

Just for fun: Phoebe at 4 days

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hi. My name is Julian. And I was born today!

8 lbs 9 oz 21 inches long, welcome to the world my beautiful boy!