Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Ever set yourself up for failure? I do sometimes. Okay, daily. Thank you for not noticing that I didn't finish my 28 days of blogging in February. Or maybe you did notice, but you are nice enough not to judge. I have excuses, of course. First, I got sick and barely had the energy to lay on the couch, suck a cough drop, and fast forward through the boring Olympics (you know what I'm talking about!). Not my proudest moments of multi-tasking, but still. B, I have issues. Now I'm playing catch up to distract myself from thinking about and doing hard things that I don't want to face. Like laundry. Because I have issues. But you already knew that...
Reading The Alchemist, and am considering reading it over and over again because I need all the help I can get with finding my personal legend and could stand to take a few lessons from the young Shepard. Such a good read. And re-read.

Craving waffles from Bruges. You might look at this picture below and think wow, she looks like death, only half smiling. And you'd be right. Spot on! That waffle and those fries could possibly have been the best thing to have happened to me during the whole month of February. So it must be blogged. Go there. Get one. And for heaven's sake, don't share.
Frying twins. Don't you love it when this happens? It's such an unexpected surprise. As one who takes signs from the universe very seriously, I was stoked on this find. But, just to be safe I made BD eat it instead. Yikes.
Cheering for a new Target, which is coming this fall (1200 ish S 300 W). There is not a Target in the city, which is crazy if you ask me. A trip to Target is 25 minutes on the freeway in either direction. Which actually saves me lots of money. This might be old news, but I made BD turn the car around so I could photo it anyway. I'm all about action shots. I think it adds great meaning and depth to this post, don't you honey? Hip hip.
Warming back up to the idea of snow. I really did enjoy the few days of spring-like warmth we had earlier this week. I'm looking forward to sunny days and green grass just as much as everyone else. However, I couldn't help but smile at the beauty of this morning. I love our neighborhood park, in every season.
Signing off for the weekend. I'm committed to getting caught up on laundry (really!), reorganizing my pots and pans, and taking a bubble bath. I'm also looking forward to having my hair done, making a fancy dessert from my new cake book, and a bounce house birthday party.