Thursday, April 08, 2010

stuff to blog about

Yes, I've been vacant. My vacation from blogland ends today. For at least one day. Today is one of those rare Sunday mornings where I am awake before BD, so I'll leave him be and use these precious few minutes to get caught up. We successfully made it through 40 days of no meat for Lent. We learned that we can live with eating less meat. But we cannot live without meat forever. It was much more difficult for BD to face the lunchtime work crowd on a veggie diet than for me. However, the Saturday night before Easter I was craving meat so bad, I swear, I almost ate my pinkie toe. In other news...
Painting our little abode. I stayed neutral in parts and got real bold in others. I'm a maniac and decided that while we've got everything torn apart for painting we might as well re-do this and fix that. Big mistake. Huge. While our pocket book is shrinking, we have no lights in the bathroom, no curtains hung, and no end in sight. Someone stop me.

Saying bon voyage to good friends as they pack up and move half way around the world to Idaho. It might as well be outer Siberia. Jess threw a dance/farewell party and we busted our moves before their BIG move. And ladies, let me just tell you...WE STILL GOT IT. Idaho, take good care of her. 
Wishing for these gorgeous wellies. I actually dreamed about them and a black and white polka dot jacket. However with the weather hopefully changing as quick as the forecast says, I might just skip the rain boot and go straight for these cuties.
Shopping for groceries on Saturday nights had become somewhat of a ritual for us. Typically we stop in out of necessity for a gallon of milk and an hour later we emerge with a cart full of who knows what. I'll admit, we have a pretty good time strolling up and down each isle finding crazy stuff. Last night BD's big score was some Jamaican peanut drink. Turns out, it really is as disgusting as it sounds. 
Craving Chipotle's fajita burrito. On our veggie diet, this became our favorite restaurant splurge. Their guac is outta this world as far as I'm concerned. I love their story and their "food with integrity" approach to running a franchise restaurant, which makes good food taste even better.
And last but not least, I'll leave you with this tasty dish. Which is so adorable I can't even begin to process it here on this blog. She now answers to the name "Giggles."