Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter was beautiful this year. BD was asked to speak in the Sunday Easter program at church. He did a wonderful job, as always, and his preparation on the topic of the Resurrection helped usher the Spirit into our hearts that whole weekend. That Sunday was also a lovely Spring Day in Utah and well, no one ever complains about that!

My perfectly imperfect Eternal Family
On our way down to Grandpa Lee's we stopped by the cemetery to visit Grandma Judy. There are some days when we feel her so close to us, watching, cheering, loving, and Easter is one of those special days. Perhaps because our thoughts are automatically focused on the Savior and the gift of eternal families.When I think about her I want to be a better woman, wife, and mom. When I'm having a rough day I often wonder what she would say to pick me back up.
Jana and Russell prepared a wonderful Easter Passover meal for the family and we learned about the
Passover traditions. Michelle had put together some darling Easter baskets for the kiddos and a little Easter Egg Hunt too! Bee didn't know exactly what was going on, but was pretty thrilled to have Easter eggs in her hands at all times for the following week. We stopped by Grandma and Papa Ed's for dessert that evening and the Easter Bunny had left a little something for Phoebe there too. Lucky little girl!
Tongue out, of course!
I can't even handle her in this picture!
I spy the cutest pink Chuck Taylor's ever!
Thank you for these pictures Aunt Michelle!

Bee's Blueprint: 10 months

Bee's wild child has been in full force this month and her stubborn little personality is beaming! Diaper changes are still proving to be difficult which has momma trying all kinds of shenanigans to get it done. We are giving her more and more table foods these days and she's generally a good sport about trying everything, but will let us know when she's over it by dropping it on the floor and waving bye-bye. Blueberries are her most favorite food right now. She squeals when she sees them coming and bangs her tray in fury when they are gone, hence, our blueberry monster. Fruit of any kind is a big hit at meal time and veggies are tolerated if they are the only option. Bee took her first few steps right at 10 months! She's still a bit unstable on her feet but is gaining more and more confidence every day. Crawling is definitely still the most efficient mode of transportation. When she hears the bath water turn on, Bee will head straight for the bathroom eager for her tubby-time. She is taking two naps a day and will put herself to sleep after books, songs, and snuggles. Bee loves to read books and "help" turn the pages. It seems she is learning new tricks everyday. She will  high-five, clap, dance, and sometimes give kisses on demand, of course always on her terms. We are working on sign-language for a few simple words such as more, all-done, please, thank you, etc. Bee despises the vacuum and gets nervous and scared when it rolls out. Needless to say, I don't get much vacuuming done unless I'm holding her and at 7+ months pregnant that becomes slightly interesting ;). Bee is curious and fearless and stubborn and sweet and smart. We sure do love this little wild child and are enjoying every bit of her.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

We love the park and can prove it

Park initiation of Spring 2013. Try not to be surprised when I claim that I actually attempted to whittle down the park photos. I did make an attempt. But honestly, as her mother I could never have enough pictures of Bee in that baby swing grinning ear to ear. I couldn't be happier that she is a fan of the swing. It's my favorite! I used to drive past parks often before I had Phoebe and wonder if I would ever have a baby to fill the empty swings. These baby swings will always represent a very real heartache that has completely come full circle for me. Now when I drive past an empty swing I say a silent prayer for the mother who has not yet filled it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Signs that a baby lives here

Sometimes as I go about my day I often come across small inconsequential visuals that make me stop in my tracks and thank God for the miracles in my life. I wanted to remember a few of them that never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Finger prints and sticky smudges on the media console.
A yellow rubber duckie and a red Solo cup, that make bath time so much fun.
A bib hanging in place next to a hand towel on the oven door, but only until she spots them and quickly pulls them to safety.
Spoons and various baby feeding apparatus' in an otherwise totally messy kitchen drawer.
The lone little orphan sockie left by a neighbor who no doubt found it mixed in with their own laundry. Sorry! Again!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Something I'll always remember about her at this stage: she loves to keep her legs and feet crossed. Always! I know, right?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

H Rock Walk

Sometimes winter along the Wasatch Front is long. So long in fact that when the sun pokes it's wee little head through the clouds and warms the earth to a mere 45+ degrees Fahrenheit we are literally clambering to bundle up, get out, and enjoy it. I love all these little people. Oh, and their mommas!
My little vampire baby. We're not used to the bright sunshine!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Caught on Camera

Funny Story. Bee and I took the elevator on an adventure down to the mail room one afternoon. The lobby of our building has an almost full size mirror on the wall, and well, it was tempting enough to snap a few pictures. But you know how it goes with an iPhone and the delicate art of the selfie: it can take more than once or even five times to get a decent shot. Double that if you have a wiggly babe riding on your bump. A few days later we saw the office manager and she leans down to Bee in her stroller and says, "Well don't you just love taking pictures of yourself!" 1) I guess someone actually watches those surveillance tapes?? 2) We're on a the hunt for a new selfie mirror. Now when we are in the lobby we wave HI to Terry!

(25 Weeks)