Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Halloween Party 2006

Rachel and Greg threw a smashing Halloween party this year. Rachel's house was decked out from wall to wall in ghoulish and ghastly (in a good way) decorations and she cooked up some delicious food too! She planned a road rally and we all made it back alive and had a great time doing it. The seasoned "road rally pros" won the race, but there was some controversy with one of the prizes. All in all it was a great time.

For some reason about half of the pictures didn't get recorded on the memory card of the camera, but here's some of the ones that did come out. Sorry about the technical difficulties guys, Brad feels really bad about it.

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lil sal said...

You guys are always to good to take pictures and share them with everyone! Thanks for the awesome road rally team, and for the yet again superb cupcakes Gina!