Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Festivities


Two Wheeler said...

I loved seeing everyone at Christmas! It sure was a good one.

Chari said...

Gina! Don't worry...I check out pic's on your blog all the time! Brook will be the first to admit that she is the worst at keeping in touch....so thanks for doing it for her! (she just tells me to look at your blog for updates!)
You are sooo dang cute! I remember when you were 5! Where does the time go???
Can I officially add you to my "friends"?
Maybe someday Brook will join us!!! Ha!

gina bina said...

Yes, of course you can add me! Brook is horrible with this kind of stuff...so you need to work with her on the blog thing when she's here.

Sarah said...

Hey Gina, Im glad you found my blog. It looks like you had a fun christmas and new years. It was good to see you too!! All your pics are so cute, i love seeing them. Tell your mom hello!! Stay in touch!