Friday, August 08, 2008

Excuse me, Sir...

Is it just me, or has decency and civility been banished from planet earth? Are we being invaded by narcissists? Seriously, Driver's of Utah, take a freakin' chill pill, we're all in this together. I'd suggest taking a trip to Hawaii if you weren't busy ignoring my attempt to merge. I know you can see me.
I can't get enough of these simple but darling yet witty PSA's. Post them everywhere.

I am really on one today. Good thing it's Friday! Found 'em here.


Mindi said...

love them.
plus, i hate rude people.

can't we all JUST GET ALONG?? :)

Young Family said...

Sista, you havn't experienced bad driving til you visit Vegas. I thought Ut was bad also. Maren

Jess said...

I saw the cutest thing the other day. My mom's neighbor is in her 90's and was out for a walk cruising along, pushing her walker. Then she stopped and went out into the road to pick up some trash... walked a few more feet, and then bent over to get a weed growing up between the gutter & street. Whatever happened to our generation & lack of care for taking care of things, & being more respectful in general?