Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What the What?!?

My office is right across from the Walker Center which, by the way, is my favorite building in downtown and whose weather tower has been flashing red for much of the day. I'm all for springtime rain showers, but when I see flashing red in April my only impulse is to jump out of this window. Here's something cool you might not know about SLC's historic skyline: The Walker Center's weather tower predicts the forecast!
Blue: clear skies
Flashing blue: cloudy skies
Red: rain
Flashing red: SNOW
I'm looking forward to some solid blue come the weekend. Huzzah!


Jessie said...

I hear you!
I thought the same thing... Isn't it supposed to be April showers? What the!?! is right!!!

the farlanderz said...

oh how we miss salt lake - and the bradleeduncans -

..M.. said...

cool! I never knew that. you have an amazing lucky duck:)

Alex Thomas said...

Umm yeah I will take rain showers any day over flashing red lights. Not fun. Especially at work when you cant tune it out.