Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wow. This month has flown by. I have a lot of catching up that probably won't happen. This will have to do.
Practicing Yoga here and there and hosted a mini yoga "retreat" at my house this past week. I'm starting to feel the benefits inside and out. Loving our brand new niece Ellie. We think she's pretty sweet, as in awesome. Clucky much?
Chewing on these sweet and spicy Ginger Chews. If you like ginger-the real stuff-you will love these soft candies. Just get past the creepy fat reclining ginger cartoon man on the package. Seriously people?
Listening to Keane. At any given moment over the past few months I've had any number of Keane songs playing over and over in my head. It's been some time since I have connected with a band in such a way.Reading The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Dark, eerie, and riddled with history...I'm loving it! Just in time for Halloween too.Obsessing over pumpkins. Big ones. Little ones. I've been stockpiling them at home and at the office. I'll never get over how blissfully happy they make me.Sneaking in one more of Ellie, because she is just that yummy. Hope you all had a wonderfully spooky Halloween! I spent mine cuddling a baby giraffe. Which perhaps isn't so scary after all.


wjcr said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! So cute cute cute! Just lovely. ALL of you. :)

the farlanderz said...

love it all, baby giraffe is a doll.

C*K*J said...

Oh my goodness. She IS yummy. Clucky much? Why yes, yes I am!

Mindi said...


i had no idea you were smitten with them as well--those boys from england are the SHIZ.

i saw them in may up in slc and it freakin' CHANGED MY LIFE!

i would love for you to come with next time! seriously!

favorite song : bedshaped. chills every single time.