Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some backtracking on Easter

I was lucky enough to grow up with a plethora of nieces and nephews around. And because I'm so close in age to a few of them, they were more like little brothers and sisters that I never had to share a room with. Turns out, it's a very peculiar thing to watch your nieces and nephews become parents. My oldest niece has three beautiful little ones. And when I think of myself as a great aunt I immediately begin searching for gray hair and pulling back my crows feet. But that's totally another story.
On Easter we got to hang out with the little greats. This one is Zoee, and as you can see this picture was taken just seconds before I gobbled her up completely. There was virtually no trace of her left. She is so delicious and looks pretty much exactly like her mom did as a baby. Minus the chub rolls. We've all been praying for Zoee's chub rolls to arrive.This little man's-man is such a good kid. For as big of a stinker as his mom was, she sure is lucky to have such good little boy. McColeson is so easy to please and will gladly follow his big sis around and do whatever she says, including playing dress-ups. We anticipate that this will not always be the case. Nonetheless, the scrape on his cheek, the dried runny nose, and the dirty shirt are all good signs of a hard days play at the park. And the leader of the pack, Gabbi, knows just what it means to be a big sister and does not miss an opportunity to let her siblings know that. She's the sweetest little thing you'll ever meet and can melt your heart from across the room. Just don't ask her to leave the park before she is ready, because you do not want to witness the meltdown that will inevitably ensue. I'm so glad that BD took these pictures on Easter because I opted not to go to the park that day and stayed back to throw coconut around Brook's kitchen, some of which landed on this bunny cake. Along with a carrot (?) and an unfortunate amount of M&M's, all of which I can not take credit for.With all that going on back at the house, I was sad to have missed my amazing niece Shelby's acrobatics at the park. She can flip her body in ways that my middle finger is not capable of. And that's a good thing.Thanks for letting me gush about my fam!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy {belated} Birthday Dad

BD's dad turned 60 last Sunday and even though I'm a week late, I wanted to wish him Happy Birthday! He is the most wonderful father I know. I can only pray that BD will be half as patient and loving with our own children.I'm on strike with my oven at the moment {long story, but we've had a rather difficult falling out and the situation is still too sensitive to talk about here}, however my sister let me help break in her new kitchen with this gorgeous almond cake with chocolate ganache frosting. I wish I had a piece right now...

Plus, he's cute with a walkie

We've been fully immersed in cycling 'round the clock this weekend. Since last October when the U of U team was awarded the opportunity to host the conference championships BD has been acting as Race Director. He did such a great job with all three events despite terrible weather setbacks. They had to cancel one race due to high elevation snow and quickly re-route a new course. It's been a lot of stressful work for him but it paid off and the riders had a great time. On the way home this afternoon he promised not to direct a race again. Until next year.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jessie O'Neal Photography + Give Away

Hey bloggies! My uber talented BFF Jessie has just launched her brand spankin' new website this week. It's beautiful. It's amazing. Although I'm not all that surprised given that she herself is beautiful and amazing and everything that she even breathes on becomes such as well. I love this picture she took of my gorgeous sister and brother in law. Aren't they a handsome couple? And if you knew them, you would know that this picture sums them up perfectly. It's like their whole love story wrapped up into one perfect image. I LOVE it.

As if her new website wasn't exciting enough, you should also know that today Jessie is being featured on Give Away Today. So click on over there and enter to win her give away! And be sure to visit her photography blog often to see what she's up to.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What the What?!?

My office is right across from the Walker Center which, by the way, is my favorite building in downtown and whose weather tower has been flashing red for much of the day. I'm all for springtime rain showers, but when I see flashing red in April my only impulse is to jump out of this window. Here's something cool you might not know about SLC's historic skyline: The Walker Center's weather tower predicts the forecast!
Blue: clear skies
Flashing blue: cloudy skies
Red: rain
Flashing red: SNOW
I'm looking forward to some solid blue come the weekend. Huzzah!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Welcome to life

My BFF had a baby today, and it makes me so happy. I can hardly wait to hold him and smell him and never give him back. She requested from me a box of Oreo truffles as her push prize, and well, I think she's earned them. Welcome to life little man! Your mom is a piece of work.

Friday, April 03, 2009


Steeping a cup of herbal tea everyday, sometimes twice, to combat rising stress levels and just because it's s'dang cozy.Quick fixin' Palermo's Primo Thin pizza for those all too often 9pm dinners. I'm telling you for a frozen pizza, these are awesome. And cheap. And at Costco. Print coupon here . [The Costco variety comes 3 to a box, and 1 pizza is plenty for BD and I to share. Right now my Costco has the Old World 6 Cheese pizza for $6.99 per box (that's < $3/meal) = recession proof.] Reading Jane Austen's Persuasion. Not gonna lie, it's been a tough read because I'm not accustomed to the old English writing style. Holding out for chapter 23, which I hear will either make your skin crawl or your heart melt. Wish-listing these gorgeous daffodil dangles from MDsparks on Etsy. How precious are these for spring?? I'd also take these or this without complaint.Watching Friday Night Lights. I tried, but I can't give this show up. I love all of the characters, but I especially appreciate how the Taylor's live/work/parent. Anyone else?Cleansing with Yerba Prima from the recommendation of LTB. It's awesome, but I'm just warning you that by day 5 you do not want to be without a bathroom close by. Potting the newest edition to our family. BD and I are so pleased with our Money Tree. We call her baby. Looking forward to a fantastic conference weekend in order to fill my spiritual canteen. I need it bad.