Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little road trip to Vegas

Sometimes you don't realize you need a weekend away until you're actually away, from home and from routine, no cell phone, no excuses, seated in the heart of a swanky casino restaurant, sipping an interesting brothy mushroom soup, across from a man who compliments your frizzy un-blown hair in such a way you are now blushing the same color fuchsia as the orchid that separates you. And then it hits you, the perfectness of that moment. Exhale, because you are one lucky girl. Don't forget that.

We thoroughly enjoyed our quick weekend road trip to Las Vegas. Not only did I see my favorite band in concert, but I had the rare fortune to hang with BD for 3 straight days, sleep as much as I wanted, take multiple bubble baths, do a little shopping, and eat cupcakes for breakfast. Total success.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{oh my} KEANE

There really are no words. Except maybe these few: this was the best concert I've ever been to. The end.

Could have been the clever opening act Ingrid Michelson, could have been meeting my {now real} bff mindi, or the fun and amazing people she parties with (thanks for the pics Tib!), could have been the anticipation of waiting for Keane to finally come out, could have been the butterflies I felt (second only to my wedding day?), could have been the way Tom sung his big-ole heart out, could have been the crowd singing every word to every song, could have been the House of Blues venue or just being so close, could have been that they played my top 3 songs, could have been sharing that moment with BD, could have been the way Tim played his piano so hard it nearly shattered, could have been that I haven't stayed out that late, or screamed that loud, or drank that much (Coke, mom), in...well... let's just say a while. Not sure what exactly it was. But it was. Oh. It. Was.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


R ewind. Backtrack. Recap. Summer is cruising past so I better squeeze these in or it will never happen.

Cooking Thai food with LP, who was kind enough to indulge my culinary prowess and accompany me to the Viking Cooking School even though she had 4 million other things to do, I'm sure. We giggled all night over the appropriate way to chop cilantro and our goofy "celebrity" chef who instructed (?) us. In the end, we made the best sweet and sour sauce out of the whole class. So there. 
Reuniting with the Muir family at the Heber Valley Camp. I'm so grateful for my extended family and our wonderful shared heritage. We bonded over new babies, hiking, canoeing, and giant roasted marshmallows. I'll never forget how mom ditched out on the camping to rendezvous with the new hubby at a motel in Heber. Scandalous!

Enjoying summer nights in the city, where there is always something going on. Sitting on the grass of Library Square and leaning against BD, we heard the Cowboy Junkies sing Misguided Angel, and for a minute there I thought my life was complete; a moment that basically made my whole summer.
Being an Uncle. You hear everyone say that being a parent is amazing, or that having grandchildren is the greatest experience in the world. But for now, BD pretty much thinks that being an uncle is tops. He lights up at the mere prospect of playing with his niece and nephew. We can't get enough of the cheeks and the smiles and the chub rolls, and again the cheeks. So very kissable indeed.
Squeezing little puppies...We have yet another neighbor with a brand new batch of Golden's. Swoon! I honestly can't handle how cute they are. Like, right now I'm sniffing this picture for any remnants of puppy breath. I fainted right after this shot was taken because she licked my nose. P.S. I want one.
Playing with a very special visitor this weekend. It was great fun to have a little one in our home and it didn't take but 5 minutes to realize that our house is not baby proof. BD was especially thrilled to show her around the city on stroller rides and the farmers market, all of which she was completely unamused with. However, we were completely and utterly amused with her and can't wait to have Ms. Ellie Bells back soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Independence Day

Our neighborhood has an old-timey tradition they call Breakfast in the Park every Fourth of July weekend. There's something about eating pancakes and botching the National Anthem with 400+ of the neighborhood's finest that really brings people together. Well, there's that AND the 200 foot slip 'n slide. The fire department did not disappoint this year and had two canons blasting. I could not love my neighborhood any more. And trust me, it's not just for the little kids.

BD and I had a very laid-back Holiday weekend. He fit in 115 miles on the bike and I fit in 115 minutes (+/-) of sitting by the pool. We both felt we scored the better end of the deal. It had been a draining week, and even though I tried with all my might to stay up until 10:00 pm to watch the fireworks...I vaguely remember hearing soft booms while dozing peacefully off. I have a bad habit of falling asleep during the best parts of things. It doesn't necessarily drive BD crazy. Just absolutely bonkers. Lastly, I just had to include this picture from a family BBQ of my great niece ZoZo, who won't smile. Not for me. Not once. Although, in my defense this picture was taken before I gave her that giant chocolate brownie. Her mother thanked me later.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The future's so bright (I gotta wear shades)

My sister-in-law sent me these pictures and when I opened the email I could literally hear her laughing at me with me. She made my day because, clearly, I make awesome faces when asked to stare directly at the sun and on the count of 3... smile. You might as well be asking your shih tzu to sort laundry. Not. Gonna. Happen.

The reason I even share these pictures is because they were taken on such an amazing day at such an amazing place with such amazing people. Nothing could have ruined this day, not even my ridiculous attempt to smile into the sun. Because when you witness two people you love and admire kneel together and commit to one another for eternity it fills you with immeasurable amounts of joy. So much, in fact, that your eyes may keep welling with tears. Not to worry, blame it on the sun. It was after all, really bright that afternoon. Congrats Dan and Ali; you inspire me everyday.