Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little road trip to Vegas

Sometimes you don't realize you need a weekend away until you're actually away, from home and from routine, no cell phone, no excuses, seated in the heart of a swanky casino restaurant, sipping an interesting brothy mushroom soup, across from a man who compliments your frizzy un-blown hair in such a way you are now blushing the same color fuchsia as the orchid that separates you. And then it hits you, the perfectness of that moment. Exhale, because you are one lucky girl. Don't forget that.

We thoroughly enjoyed our quick weekend road trip to Las Vegas. Not only did I see my favorite band in concert, but I had the rare fortune to hang with BD for 3 straight days, sleep as much as I wanted, take multiple bubble baths, do a little shopping, and eat cupcakes for breakfast. Total success.


Mindi said...

dining at aria? you are a lucky girl, indeed!!!

did you take a look at that casino in it's entirety? it's quite breathtaking.

being with the one you love while living it up is the best feeling in the world! (glad we got to spent a few of those moments with you!)

again: ANYTIME you two wanna take another road trip.....we are UP for it.

ps your hair looks lovely.

tiburon said...

Hey yeah Gina - What do you say to the weekend of the 13th-15th.

I happen to know a great group of ladies that is heading to Sin City. It will be epic.

Wanna come?

gina bina said...

Mindi, indeed we strolled through the new city center and WOW. Amazing. Loved it. Makes the Bellagio look like Circus Circus. That is come swanky shiiiiiii.

Tib, unfortunately we'll be hiking the Grand Canyon that weekend. Which will be an entirely different kind of "hot sweaty mess."

C*K*J said...

You guys are pretty much my favorite people in the world. I love any excuse to eat cupcakes for breakfast and your weekend looked like the perfect one! XOX

..M.. said...

you two are so cute together!

Two Wheeler said...

I love the picture of us in the restaurant, it's great to compare my hand-held shots with yours given my monkey arm syndrome, haha! We have to do another trip like that soon... New Hampshire?

mrs. farlanderz said...

love'n your summer adventure posts. bytheway.

Marriott + Ali said...

Cutest pics! You guys look so good! So glad you enjoyed Sin City...I know it hasn't always been your fav.

We are headed to that same hotel at the end of this month! Can't wait.

Shauna said...

Vegas is a lot of fun..we've had our share of fun trips there too! Glad you got to treat yourself with cupcakes for breakfast and multiple bubble baths...yeah I'm pretty much jealous!