Monday, February 14, 2011

I love you, too

I love you because you iron my skirts on Sunday morning
I love you because you buckle my snow boots
and change my flat tires
and glue the soles of my shoes back together when they start to flap around
I love you because you kiss me goodbye in the morning
and you never forget to kiss me hello in the evening
I love you because you are deeply passionate about heaps of things
like your work, and cycling, and perfecting the homemade cheese quesadilla
I love you because you care a lot about the world in which we live
and I know that because you write to the governor, senator, and mayor on a regular basis
I think it's rather cute
I love you because you are the worlds greatest researcher
driven by facts, you are
I love you because you make riding public transportation cool(er)
I love you because you eat everything I cook
and pretend like it's the best thing you've ever put in your mouth
even when we both know it's not
I love you because you are not afraid of little tiny infant babies
or the bigger walking talking babies either
I love you because you are genuine
I love you because you are forgiving
funny thing,
I love you because you are strangely picky about the clothes you wear
which makes shopping with you extra fun
but only when you have a specific item that you need
otherwise you require a lot of treats
I love you because you have really big ideas
and I'm sorry when I roll my eyes
I don't meant it
I love you because you ask me everyday have I told you that I love you today?
and I sheepishly respond no because I want to hear you say it again
everyone likes to hear that they are loved
especially me
and that's why today
I wanted to be the first to say
I love you, too

*This has been sitting in my drafts pile for several months now, waiting for an opportunity to publish. I began writing it right after watching BD glue my running shoes back together so carefully. I remember feeling incredibly grateful for all those little things that over time become hugely important to a committed relationship. I give myself leave to write something for BD a few times a year, Birthday's, Anniversary's and Valentine's. On this blog, sap happens. Thanks for reading anyway!


C*K*J said...

And we love thebradleeduncanfamily!

I pretty much LOVE your Valentine posts.

Two Wheeler said...

Beautiful G, thanks! Now you're getting me all embarrassed :-)

gina bina said...

I know...I'm sorry. It happens twice a year on your Birthday and Valentines.

Marriott + Ali said...

so sweet.

and i love that one of the things is that he's not "afraid of little tiny infant babies...or bigger walking talking babies either".

I thought I was the only one who was afraid of itty bitty people...but apparently you are too G?! :)

gina bina said...

Wait a second Ali, if you are reading blogs today that means you are not having a baby! What's the deal?

-m- said...

i love the sap! you are a great writer:) and thanks for the v-day cards, I put them to good use. I love you!

Alex said...

sap happens. hahaha