Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Update on Tennis

With Coach Karl, who yes, insisted on his bended knee pose :)

My tennis buds. Every Thursday. We do this. We meet up with Coach Karl and laugh and talk and laugh and swing our rackets at balls flying at our noses. The tennis court has become this sacred ground where we come to vent about life, confess our challenges and swing our troubles away. Lately my giant pregnant body just chases the balls around about 3 seconds late in every direction. I look forward to it all week and it's become a real passion in my life. All 5 of us have either had a baby or become pregnant during this past year of playing with Coach Karl. We didn't even know Coach was of the magical baby making variety when we signed up! What good fortune. Oh the things Karl has heard out on that court! To say he's been thoroughly prepped for marriage and babies and the whole nine yards is probably an understatement. Also, we are very good at offering him our unsolicited dating advice :). It'll be a little sad when this baby comes and I'll need to take a few weeks off from tennis. But we're all pumped to play together this summer (with my NEW shiny racket that I scored for Mothers Day). Deedee and I will especially be happy to play without our bellies in the way! And when Kim has her baby this fall, all 5 of us will have had babies on Karl's watch. It's so fun.
Deedee, Jane, Kim, Bethany, Moi

I'll probably regret posting these pictures of myself at 39 weeks pregnant after 90 minutes of playing tennis, but, whatevs. It's all part of the fun. We really need to get ourselves some matching skorts and visors to up our game, don't ya think?


C*K*J said...

I seriously LOVE us!
(and tennis. it's seriously one of your best ideas ever!!)

jane said...

You could not have said it any better. You have such a gift. I read your post to my mom and seriously almost started crying(I think I am really tired ha ha).