Saturday, May 18, 2013

Baby Bee Turns ONE!

Be still my soul. My little baby is growing right up and somehow someway someone has allowed her First Birthday to creep up behind us. My bestie Jessie (who is our unofficial-official family photographer) captured her sweet and spicy personality spot-on. This child brings light into our lives and these pictures prove it. Her Bamm-bamm ponytail. Her crooked little grin. Her pat-a-cake clap. Blowing kisses. Walking. Talking. Big blue eyes. Her first pair of Levi 501's and red Salt Water sandals. Her shy, curious, hesitancy about life on earth. My book worm. My lovey dove. My Bee. Daddy's happy girl. Momma's forever baby. This is our Phoebe at one year old.
Some of our fav's...

Momma's fav
Great-grandma's table and chair and doll


Whitnée said...

Too cute! I've missed your posts!

C*K*J said...

love, love, love every single one of these pictures!

i can't believe how much she has already grown up since these were taken! it's been a busy summer!

Two Wheeler said...

@CKJ, that's exactly what I was thinking!! Way too fast.