Friday, July 12, 2013

Juju's Blueprint: 1 Month

Our little guy is already ONE month old! And what a challenging month it's been for him. Juju is experiencing a combination of acid reflux, digestion problems, and laryngospasms to top it all off. It's been wild :). Nothing breaks a mother's heart like seeing her babies suffer in any way. Julian will forever be our little Superman for spending a very unpleasant 36 hours at Primary Children's Hospital (more on that later) after finding him struggling to breathe during the night. He handled all the poking and prodding and tests like only Superman would. We are very humbled and thankful that we were able to bring Juju back home in full health. Mom and dad keep a very close eye on him from now on and are working with his pediatrician on managing the trifecta of issues that trouble him. We pray everyday that his body will outgrow the spasms and reflux soon. He is handsome and loves to be held ... so we hold him a lot! He rivals his big sister with his grunty and growly ways. Mom is cutting certain foods out of her diet to help his digestion issues, but so far it's all still a guessing game as to what is working and what is not. In the end, we'd do anything to help him feel better but mostly we're prepared to hold him, love him, and comfort him as best we can until he fully grows into this body of his. We love our Superman Juju and can't imagine life without him.

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