Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Juju's Blueprint: 5 months

Push pause please. Freeze frame this boy right here, right now. Four months was a huge turning point for our little mister and honestly at 5 months he just keeps getting better and better. He has worked his Momma's heart right over. Julian looooves to snuggle and have his face right up against yours. I like to think its because he wants to see exactly what you see. He is completely enamored with big sister Bee and watches her every move like a hawk. They are sharing the nursery together at night and go to bed at the same time. His daytime and nighttime schedules are slowly becoming actual schedules and more predictable. I'm so proud of the progress he is making. This boy is just all around handsome and his giant gummy smile and contagious giggle put me right over the edge, every time. He does this thing while being held facing forward, where he will turn his head up and double check who is holding him over and over every 10 seconds or so. We die, it's so adorable. When he gets excited he kicks and waves every part of his body as if he is going to burst. He has THE best hair, ever. He is happiest of all when outside. He loves chew on his squeaky Sophie and to play with toys-as long as Bee doesn't steal them away. He goes berserk under his play gym. He loves his binky. He rubs the back of his hands on his face and forehead when he's tired. He blows spit bubbles like it's his job. He rolls over. He loves to be tickled. He despises being dressed. Sigh. Five months, you are my fave.

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