Saturday, April 12, 2014

Julian's Blueprint: 10 months

Wow. So much can change in just a month and this last month Julian has learned many new tricks and is suddenly such a big boy. First, Julian started sleeping through the night which has been a total game changer for the whole household, especially mom. And in basically the same week he decided that eating solid foods was a w e s o m e and now, selectively, eats what I put in front of him. He won't eat anything from a spoon, except maybe yogurt, but is eager to feed himself with his own hands. He also takes hand-outs from Bee from the next high-chair over. He loves bananas, but those little suckers can be so tricky to pick up!
We like to have dance parties over here at least once a day, and Julian has picked up on some pretty sweet moves. The "bobble head" move that he loves has now been upgraded to the "dancing bobble head" and every time music comes on he starts bobbling that head back and forth and bouncing his whole body. It's unbelievably adorable. Julian also starting waving hello and bye-bye and greets Daddy with an enthusiastic double-handed wave every night. He and Bee will sit in their high-chairs and wave to each other like long lost friends reunited at last. Julian loves to mimic pretty much anything Bee does and has learned to clap and blow kisses from her expert example. I love seeing him blow kisses to family and friends. I also love it when he pulls my face into his slobbery mouth for a big wet kiss. He won't always want to kiss his mom like this, so I savor each and every one.
Julian is still master of the "worm crawl" and even though he can crawl on hand and knees, he seems to prefer this other method. Indeed, he is pretty fast so I know it's not holding him back. He has started pulling himself to a stand on all furniture and is loving the new world he can explore while on his feet. He is starting to venture out from mom's shadow to explore on his own. Julian loves to just play! He will hunker down in front of the toy baskets and pull out each toy one by one. On a lucky day this will keep him occupied for enough time for mom to put Bee down for a nap. He loves to play downstairs in the playroom and busies himself with everything within reach.
Our little bug loves to snuggle and is beginning to love reading books (not just eating them) which makes bedtime really sweet. Julian loves his binky and has really taken to his soft giraffe to snuggle at night. His favorite toys are remote controls, kitchen tools, and whatever Phoebe is holding at the moment. His  hair is getting long, but mom can't bring herself to cut it just yet. Julian is taking two naps each day, unless we need to leave the house for an outing to the zoo or the grocery store, in which case he's pretty good to hold off. His easy-going roll-with-the-punches personality is such a blessing. But when we've reached his limit, he'll let momma know. This is such a fun stage and we are eating up his baby cuteness and blooming personality knowing full well that if we blink he'll soon be walking. And running. And climbing. Oh my. Julian, you make everything in this world better! We love you.

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That bobble head move is the best!!