Friday, May 23, 2014

A bum way to start the summer

Miss Phoebes fell off a kitchen chair and broke her right clavicle this week. I was only 3 feet from her but had my back turned to the stove so I don't know exactly what happened. Only that when I rushed to pick her up she was so inconsolable I instinctively knew something was definitely wrong. We snuggled on the couch for a bit, but every time she would move her arm she would burst into tears. She was incredibly brave at the Instacare, but having to pin her down for the X-ray nearly sent us both through the roof in pain. They obviously can't cast a broken collarbone so we are trying a sling to help keep her arm still. But she's two afterall. And rather wiggly. She will seem ok and forget about it for a moment, then try to reach for something or move her body and immediately feel the break all over again and burst into tears. This happens about once a minute. She will have to learn how to protect the break on her own. To help her sleep at night we wrap the arm close to her body. These kids are resilient and I'm certain she'll be back to her old self within a few weeks. I'm not sure we could have survived the day without chap stick. She LOVES chap stick and it seemed to be the only thing that could take her mind off the break. Pain management is tricky and she's frustrated about the loss of independence. Totally bum way to start the summer.

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