Thursday, June 12, 2014

Julian's Blueprint: 12 months

We are thick in the middle of party season over here, and this little man turning ONE is baby of the hour. The first birthday is in so many ways a milestone for the whole family, baby and parents and siblings alike. There are parts of this past year that are a total blurrrrr. But we made it and this happy face and perfect heart could never be replaced. At 12 months Julian has 8 teeth and is eating most foods. Even if he can't quite chew it up yet, he gets upset if I don't at least give him a try of whatever big sister Bee is eating. He's a petite little guy and I'm working overtime to keep his weight up. I'm thinking we might have some success with leftover birthday cake.
Julian is cruising around furniture and walls and loves to be upright. He will walk from room to room while holding our hands and always beams so bright when given the chance to walk side by side with Phoebes. She can simultaneously be his biggest cheerleader and his greatest threat. This little boy loves to be outside, always has, and will put up a big dramatic fuss when I bring him in. Pushing his lawnmower around the grass, big thrills on the mini roller coaster, and underdogs on the tree swing are daily afternoon requirements. Julian is attracted to anything with a wheel on it and even though he can't walk yet he will sit and wrestle with Bee's balance bike on the grass for what seems like forever. Whether it's dad's bike or Phoebe's scooter or mom's car or the loud lawnmower, he thinks is awesome if it can move. Julian is our water boy! He loves the water and uses any opportunity he can to splash mom. Washing his hands at the sink can turn into a shower for the whole kitchen if I'm not careful. Sometimes he is so excited to get into the tub he will try to throw himself in fully clothed. Hopefully we can get him some pool time this summer.
Julian is not a big fan of the vacuum, something he learned from Phoebe, even though to my knowledge it has never turned on and eaten them up all on its own. He also hates having his face wiped and being buckled into his car seat. But other than that, I can count on him to go with the flow of a weird day, be super chill when sister steals the show, and extra forgiving when we push his nap time. Julian has the most sensitive soul. When I'm upset at Phoebe or need to be firm with him about chewing on chords he will tear up and reach for me to snuggle. He is always hugging his animals sweetly and blowing kisses to strangers. He likes to hook his arm around my neck and my favorite is when he holds my face with both hands and kisses me. What a love. What a year! What a boy. What a lucky family we are to have him as our own.

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