Monday, May 07, 2007

Lisa's Baby Shower

Sorry this post is so late, I've had a busy week! We threw a baby shower for Lisa (Lawrence) Peterson last Saturday. She is due any day now...and we are all excited to see this little baby girl. Lisa and Chris are still undecided on a name, but I'm sure once they see her they'll know what to call her. Regardless of her name, we can't wait to meet her!

A few of the Girls (L to R): Stacey Wilding, Jessie O'Neal, Lauren Tuttle, Rachel Lloyd, Lisa Peterson and Emily Harris (with Kenadie Lloyd).

Lauren (also expecting a baby girl) and Emily holding little Kenadie.

Emily and cutie Brynn Ford
Em, you are looking like a natural mom!
Big yawn Kenadie!

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Jessie said...

You sure throw one heck of a party!! I especially loved the clothes pin game! Thanks!!