Thursday, May 24, 2007

Might as well face it, you're addicted to LOST

At last night's LOST Season 3 Finale par-tay we felt a little bit like we were attending an AA meeting. "Hello, my name is Gina. And I watch LOST." The finale accomplished everything it was set out to do, namely answer 2 or 3 questions and then open up 100 more. Wonderful. Each year we gather for the finale and renounce this show, yet admittedly we'll all be back again for season 4. We are completely and totally, 100% addicted to LOST. Here are the top 10 ways to know if you are addicted to LOST:
10. You have literally pulled out your hair in frustration at this show.
9. Your theory about LOST is the right one.
8. You SO get Kate.
7. You've practiced your best "Sawyer Scowl" in the mirror.
6. You bought a Korean dictionary to better understand Sun and Jin.
5. You knew Hurley was hero material all along.
4. Your Wednesday nights are completely booked for the next 3 years.
3. You cheered out loud when an older looking Walt suddenly appeared to help Locke.
2. You are wearing black today to mourn the death of our beloved Charlie.
1. You have nominated Jack for the 2008 Presidential Election.


Jessie said...

What a party! Wednesday nights are for sure full for the next three years! Yikes - THREE Years, come on!! More like three years off my life!

Cole said...

Oh don't worry nobody no one can die on the island. Charlie will be back. Just you watch.

Jill said...

gina you are hilarious.

Jessie said...

Obviously the O'Neals majored in grammar.

Tuttles said...

I tried #7.