Thursday, July 03, 2008

Seriously, Best Blog Ever

I'm disappointed this morning to learn that I don't have the best blog ever. I know! I'm just as shocked as you are. I really thought I had most of the bloggers out there beat when it comes to sheer awesomeness. After all, I make it a point to brag about myself at least once a week (see post below), but I realize that maybe since I don't have kids it's harder for me to find cuteness to freak out about. Even still, I thought I was doing a pretty descent job subtly maintaining a I'm cooler than you approach to this blog thing.

Apparently not. Seriously, So Blessed! takes the cake for best blog ever.

Happy 4th of July weekend! Seriously, I'm so blessed.

Thanks Brook!

P.S. I love blogging. Really, I do. That's why I do it.


Ginny Richman said...

Gina, you are so blessed & our family is so blessed to have you in our family! WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for the best blog ever!
Love MOM

gina bina said...

Ah shucks ma...

Two Wheeler said...

That is the funniest blog post ever! You're gonna have to get more creative now babe ;-)

Signed: JJWT