Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love Me Some Mountains

Over the weekend BD and I took a little time to enjoy the fall beauty in the Uinta Mountains. This is the perfect time of year for backpacking, and we couldn't let the summer slip away without getting a little nature on us. Plus, we really lucked out with terrific weather. I love that we are so close to such breathtaking landscape.
We hiked to Twin Lakes and found a perfect campsite on the upper rim - fit for a queen - with views of both lakes.
After we settled into camp, we were off for some exploring. Wielding his camera, BD was in heaven playing around with the landscapes.
We found ourselves perched on a mountain cliff overlooking Wall Lake. BD took a little nap. He was in such a deep relaxation I had to shake him awake. It was incredibly peaceful.
A master fire builder at work. I love a good campfire. We sat around the fire for hours into the night watching the flames die and the coals burn way down. The moon was full and bright, perfectly round. Everything was picture perfect...until I tried to sleep. It's a rule when we're camping that BD has to stay awake until I'm asleep. He tried so hard, bless his heart. But he eventually gave in while I concentrated on every snap, crackle, and pop in the forest, convinced that a herd of moose was walking through our camp. Next time, BD won't forget the Tylenol PM to drug me with. Isn't our tent cozy?

Enjoying the early morning sun over the lake. Not wanting to pack up and pack out.We took a different route on the way out so that we could find some hidden lakes. It was much longer and harder than the hike in. We rewarded ourselves with milkshakes from Dick's in Kamas.Love the mountains for the...
wisper of the trees
calm of the lake
light of the moon
warmth of the fire
twinkle of the stars
still of the night
beauty of the earth


Lacy said...

That looks like so much fun. Rob would be in Heaven!! You guys do such fun stuff.

Two Wheeler said...

Good times. I seriously love that pic of me sleeping, haha.

Tuttles said...

I love the water reflection picture!

Jess said...

Was Brad really asleep? If so I need to take lessons on how to sleep anywhere, more specifically on a rock! ... and I love milkshakes in Kamas. I would imagine I'm thinking of the same place, though I can't remember the name - there can't be too many great places for shakes there. I'm totally jealous of how much you guys are getting out!

Mindi said...

for mindi, camping = NIGHTMARE.

glad you can take one for the team.

don't tell my husband.

you look good as a "gangstah"

sly fox said...

I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend. I have a problem of rewarding myself with milkshakes when I haven't done anything :)

Alex Thomas said...

Nice weekend adventure. I am glad that Alex isn't the only one with an unnatural fear of moose. I have to say I like the tent picture. Keep up the good work.

cathy said...

Oh sometimes I miss the mountains so much it can hurt. I love the way you phrased your love for them-I feel so similar. Thanks Gina for this post.

Helene said...

gina dear, your cake pops post inspired me and gave them a go-ahead today, but I stumbled on a problem...is there a secret to getting the chocolate so smooth and dip-able? mine didn't get liquidy enough and lets just say - they still taste amazing but they kind of look like doo with sprinkles -

also how is brad doing applying this year? - if there is anything we can do to persuade you two to come to school out here I know you would love it!

gina bina said...

What kind of chocolate are you using? For example, chocolate chips would not work for this. Makes sure it's a melting chocolate like almond bark or start with a chocolate bar. If you're using your microwave, make sure you turn the power way down, at least to 50, otherwise you might scorch the chocolate.
Doo with sprinkles never hurt anyone! :)

jarv said...

OOH I miss the Uintas! We used to go their pretty much every week with Unified and I haven't been for several years. I sleep so good when I camp and Jeff is usually the one up worrying about the bears, tylenol pm always does the trick.