Thursday, October 09, 2008


Blogging Bestie Mindi has re-opened her confession booth until Saturday. If you need to get something off your chest, check it out ASAP. If nothing else, click over there and peruse the comments. GOOD. STUFF. Who needs daytime drama when juicy unharnessed gossip like this is floating around the blogosphere? And if you are not already reading Word to Your Mother, you should be. She makes me laugh out loud, daily. And sometimes a girl just needs that.

{fist double chest pump peace}


Mindi said...

oh my--that "fist double chest pump peace" just made my day. gonna have to use that one--you always come up with the good stuff!
(btw: one of my hubby's and my favorite comments OF ALL TIME is the "homeless beaver warmer". evah.

confession: i heart gina bina

sly fox said...

Thanks for the confession booth entertainment. I enjoyed reading the comments. I confess that I did not make a public confession. I knew that people had marital problems, but I had no idea that so many wives hate their husbands and regret marrying them. Wow!

Congrats to you and Brad (a.k.a. the rabbit couple). Everyone knew you guys were cool before, but you have quickly become everyone's heroes as well now.

gina bina said...

sly fox, good one!
It is kind of depressing how many people are unhappy in their marriages. It makes you wonder what they are doing about it to make it better! Obviously confessing about it on a blog isn't helping. But it does make for good drama.