Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Party

Hallween Party and Road Rally
Superman and Lois Lane: there to save the day and report about it
Spooky ghost or happy sperm? You decide.
Captain Hook impregnated Tink!
Scuba divers!
Super Tuttles!
Love me some 70's wedding dress!
Warren Jeffs and his harem was there too
And the award for scariest couple goes to...
"I'll catch the bad guys, you stick to the ghosts"
They kicked up the ROAD RALLY this year with GPS units for each team. We raced all over the valley searching for clues about murder mysteries and local horror-lore. Here is Merrily laying in the spot where Ted Bundy's murder victim was found. We won {on a technicality}! But still, we were first.


Mindi said...

i love costume parties and it looks like you picked a winner!! ted bundy's murder victim location totally creeps me out. which means i'd be ALL OVER IT.

way to go!

Tuttles said...

It was a fun time! You guys looked great!

sly fox said...

Great costumes. Looks like an awesome party!