Sunday, November 16, 2008


Weekend Highlights:

  • free time/flying solo/chick flick
  • midnight bubble bath
  • a safe return of BD from scout camp
  • de-junking
  • beautiful fall weather
  • a big bowl of hearty soup
Weekend Lowlights:
  • finding a rotting onion hidden far back in a cupboard
  • Sunday night blues


Tuttles said...

Oh Gina, de-junking is one of my favorite things things! Doesn't it feel good when you're done?!

Marriott + Ali said...

wow... the true blogger ... blogging her bath ...again, wow!

Two Wheeler said...

That's the way we roll :-)

Mindi said...

i totally get the sunday night blues. and i don't even go to work on monday morning......go figure.

Wildings said...

Midnight bubble baths, and dejunking what could be better!