Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Turkey and fixings with loved ones
Hit the road with a kiss goodbye
drive through clouds
another white dashPit stop in Lost Wages
Lunch in the Hollywood Hills
Not shopping on black Friday
Picnicking on the beach
Beach cruisin' on the boardwalk
Giddy smiles in warm weather
Getting lost, being found
Frozen bananas from a banana stand
Napping on the beach
Waves crashing
Maybe we should move here?
It's perfectSurprise tickets to Celine Dion
Big Diva moments
Major thanks to the best husband in the world!
We should do this every year


Tuttles said...

You guys have so much fun! Love your new blog design!

Jess said...

I always love to check in the first of the month and see your stylin blog!

and hello! LUCKY! I want to just pick up and leave life behind for a little while!

Heather said...

This so looks like my kind of trip! I love reading about all your fun adventures! If you decide to pack it up and move down toward that beach, let me know, I think I also could get very used to that lifestyle. Glad you guys had fun.

Two Wheeler said...

mmm, beach cruisin'

Kami said...

Lucky Girl! I would love to see Celine.

ps. love the new blog diggs!

PackMen and Me said...

YOU are so SPOILED! You do have the best husband! Jon pouted all the way through two hours of Twilight, AND i kept him fully stocked with popcorn and treats!
Love you guys! When's our next concert!?

Two Wheeler said...

Chari, I gotta give John some credit here. I'll do Celine, but I left Twilight for the girls only night :-)

Lisa P. said...

I think your holiday blog header is the best I have seen. You were born to do this kind of stuff. I am glad your trip was fun and when you move to CA, can I come with you?

Wildings said...

How fun to just up and leave! Did you go there over Thanksgiving!?

Marriott + Ali said...

Good times! I'm not a huge fan of Celine, but I am a huge fan of napping & California, so I am still extremely jealous!

Hope to see you in tomorrow!!

WJCR said...

My little sister Karley-Kate says you guys are so cute. You prince and princess. :> Have a great week.

Shauna said...

sounds like a fun trip! Brad is too sweet to take you to a Celine concert...Nathan can barely stand when I listen to her. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip.

the farlanderz said...

oh, I miss cali trips!

I am also now reading in defense of food - very cool book huh?

Mindi said...

i knew i loved you best for a reason......seriously.

and i thought MY life was cool. geez!

Munchkin said...

I agree a fun trip like that should happen every year!

jacker said...
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