Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Because of stuff

I've been MIA lately as a result of skidding through one big event to the next with no time in between to document all the good stuff that's been keeping me going and all the good people that have been keeping me sane. Many things are flying around in my head that I want to write about and share but I don't know where to begin plucking them out today. I have a couple exciting things on the horizon that I'm absolutely giddy over. First of which, a holiday weekend road trip with husby which will hopefully entail lots of time to talk, listen, and possibly even write. After nearly 6 years with him I've learned that if I don't keep myself either asleep or occupied while on the road, BD makes me take pictures of cars along the way. Is this a guy thing or just a BD thing? Sometimes it's not always clear to me. Case in point:

But I love him anyway. Sometimes he buys my feminine products and he loves me anyway. Did you feel that? My marriage just blossomed. {swoon!}

Not to leave you empty handed...

I do heart a nice indie film (just like any good wannabe hipster does) and this little video had me grinning from ear to ear:


Two Wheeler said...

I love that clip... both of them!

Kami said...

I better not let Kyle know abut the filming and documenting of other passing cars, Or I am doomed. He so would have me do the same. Enjoy your summer road trippin'. :)

tjneumann said...

Great post. Love the clips. I am pretty sure it is a BD thing, although Trav does point out cars a lot as we drive. He just hasn't gone as far as asking me to take pictures of them. Ha Ha.. .so funny! Love the Indie spoof... makes me think they need to make a "Not Another Indie Move" with all the cliches. Hope you're having a fun road trip!