Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lake Blanche Hike

Lake Blanche, Twin Peaks Wilderness Area, Big Cottonwood Canyon
Elevation gain: 2720 vertical feet
Distance: 2.8 miles {don't be fooled, it is STRAIGHT up}
Through the winter months, BD and I had been earmarking corners of 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles {'member?} and making a list of trails we'd love to hike this summer. Utah is such a playground, BD kept saying over and over. And it's true, you know. Saturday's hike was beyond amazing. The canyon walls are green and lush, so very alive. I wish I could have bottled up the energy to snack on this coming week. The mountain streams are bursting at their very banks trying to keep up with the rapid snow melt. It was chilly and windy at the top, so I was very grateful that I had snuck a sweatshirt into BD's pack. But despite the chill, the views on top were breathtaking. Beautiful waterfalls were cascading off of Sundial Peak. I can hardly think of a more powerful sound than that of rushing water.I give this hike 4****'s! Beautiful, challenging, yet rewarding. Be sure to reward yourself with a cupcake at the top: I'm not sure I would have made it otherwise. Goodness. My freckles are back with vengeance this year. My mom always says she knows it's summer when my freckles come out of hibernating. And boy, they are awake.


Two Wheeler said...

You didn't even post a pic of us eating our cupcakes! So much fun!

gina bina said...

Well, your "chipmunk" comment kind of got to me and I chickened out.

Two Wheeler said...

haha, only one of the pics had chipmunk-ness to it. The cupcakes sure were good though!

jarv said...

I want to do 60 hikes in 60 miles. Can i copy your list???

C*K*J said...

"thebradleeduncans" are 2 of the coolest people I know. seriously. love you guys.

it looks like a great hike. i hope your legs are feeling better!