Friday, September 18, 2009

Let them eat cake

I still need to post about the other half of our weekend in Wyoming. However, it's too tempting not to post these first. I received a few images from the wedding today from my uber talented best friend Jessie O'Neal, who BTW did a KNOCKOUT job with the wedding photography. As always. Does she ever take a bad picture? She. blows. my. mind. I just wish I had more excuses to hire her.I'm terrifically pleased with how everything came together in the end. And I'm trying really extra hard to keep my criticisms to myself. Because you know they're there. The dessert table looked fabulous and (fingers crossed) tasted great too. Michelle did a top notch job on making the puff balls, but hanging them proved to be the real challenge. I certainly can't take all the credit; my sister Brook was the mastermind behind everything and was up with me until 4:00 am dipping cake pops AND was there late the next night taking everything down. She is nothing short of amazing. I should also thank BD, my mom and Marci for their generous help. Then there's the gracious hosts Michelle and Brett who so kindly allowed the bride and groom to use their gorgeous backyard. They were so helpful in the set up and take down and even in between. And I can't forget Judy's dear friends from the ward who were there helping with the food and were making us all laugh in the kitchen. Angels.Michelle worked her little hiney off to pull the wedding together in such a short time. She did an amazing job and should be proud of all her hard work.
Have a SWEET weekend! Do me a favor and eat something dipped in rich creamy chocolate. I know I will. Also, check out Jessie's newly revamped blog and website. And more from the wedding here.


Natlee Lloyd said...

mmmm I can almost taste those cupcakes right now!

Marriott + Ali said...

Gina I am DIEING over the dessert table. You guys are so stinkin' talented. It all looks amazing!

Jessie said...

Wow Gina! Thank you so much for the kind words!!!
Love ya!