Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plenty of Thanks

It smells divine all over America right now. Thanksgiving is simply wonderful. I'm at the in-laws this evening starting the turkey brine in a 5-gallon hardware bucket, roasting garlic for the mashed potatoes, boiling cranberries for the perfect sauce, cutting butter into flour for a flaky pie crust, and looking at fun blogs with my sister-in-law in between. I'm not feeling as poetic this year as I have in years past. But still, I'm brimming with thanks. For everything. Including but not limited too; seat heaters, a good jolly belly laugh, the opportunity to be back in school for a short time, jeans on sale, my fairy godmother, those little red and white gum drops from Whole Foods, my family - both sides, new snow tires, and a snugly husband. And that's just the tip. Happy Thanksgiving!


C*K*J said...

and I'm thankful for YOU!

hels said...

sounds like a perfect thanksgiving!
ps - we need ya'lls address to send out a christmas card!