Friday, November 19, 2010

There is beauty all around

I don't know why, but the sunsets during this time of year are truly unbelievable. I'm talking out of this world color and crazy on fire beauty. I love to sit in a trance and watch the day fade away to black and the valley lights emerge in a twinkle. Proof. Here are a few shots taken by BD from our balcony over the last couple of weeks. These are legit cross my heart, hope to die straight out of the camera.
This week has been jammed packed with highs and lows. Thankfully, more highs than lows. Due mostly in part to the people who keep me motivated in the right ways and the people that keep me grounded with everything else. My soul is warm. Tonight we are baking homemade pizzas with friends and tomorrow we get to repaint the bathroom for the third time this year. What?


Two Wheeler said...

These turned out awesome! I really wanted to see these bigger, and they're better than I even thought! They were simply spectacular on those nights.

-m- said...

WOW. to the pictures. and WOW to the verification word that I have to type in order to post this. UPEED???? hahah

wjcr said...

I've been watching these too. :) Simply amazing.

Marriott + Ali said...

gorgeous! I can't even believe the view you guys get to enjoy up there!

Nice pics BD.