Friday, March 04, 2011

Blooming, again

Been loving how the $13 spent on this orchid was possibly the best money I've ever spent. She's blooming again for the third time! It's been just what I needed lately.
Been smiling about my 3.5 year old nephew and his love crush on Ariel. His mom fixed pasta shells for dinner one evening. Later, when being tucked into bed he told her with a big frown that the worst part of his day was eating all of Ariel's shells.   ...    :-)
Been praying for a family member who has just survived something unimaginably horrific. 
Been pinning away over at Pinterest. It's addicting, I'm loving it, I can't stop and I don't care to. A genius way for me to organize everything I find on the web. Virtual collages? Brilliant. I'll be pinning all weekend, no doubt, and creating new idea boards.
Been thinking about that half piece of coconut cream cheesecake in my fridge that I'm going to eat for dinner tonight.
Been counting down the minutes until the weekend so I can sleep for 2 straight days.
Been craving old-timey homemade popcorn made with real coconut oil. If I wake up, it will be for that.

Happy Friday! It really is the best day of the week. Besides Tuesday, of course.


Two Wheeler said...

Besides Tuesday, lol.

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Still in shock about what happened to Todd. I hope he is recovering...physically and emotionally. Loved our lunch last week. xo

Natlee Lloyd said...

Wait, don't you mean THURSDAY!?