Monday, April 04, 2011

Her life in iPhone pics

1.15.11 LJ Snuggles
1.24.11 He Shouldn't Have
1.26.11 I'm Married to Clark Kent
2.15.11 Welcome Baby Ny
2.21.11 Beautiful Winter Day
2.23.11 Work Birthday Cake
3.25.11 Yogurt Stop
4.2.11 Marci's Birthday Cupcakes


Marriott + Ali said...

Love the iphone pics. What a fun way to quickly document life! The glasses look great on BD... he should sport those more often! And baby Ny.... aaahh

Marce said...

Can you put the iphone pics on facebook? I would love to share my cupcakes with my fb world ;) Fun pics all the way around. You are to dang cute!!!!