Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Good Friday

It's a Good Friday because the sun is out, meaning it was necessary to ditch work early, you know to test the sun roof, and that reminded me to pick up some shredded coconut, and bingo! my weekend baking extravaganza has begun! Last week I was reassured in a blessing that I am surrounded by angels who love me. Amazing. It was something I needed to hear and keeps me looking up. Even still I can't help but wonder... 
  • If my grandmother Richman were here she'd share an Eskimo Pie on her back patio and go to work clipping newspaper articles for me
  • If my grandmother Muir were here she'd pat her soft blue couch and say come sit by me, then hold my hands and listen ever so close
  • If my mother-in-law Judy were here she'd hug me too tight, cry right along with me, and eventually we'd both be laughing
Do you know who your angels are? I hope your Easter weekend is a special happy one. I am planning to bake up a storm and rain powdered sugar all over my kitchen. BD is racing his bicycle, somewhere, sometime, and with a smile on his face. And of course, we are celebrating Easter in every way we know how. Happy Good Friday!


Two Wheeler said...

Love it honey! Great tribute to the angels in our life.

Elizabeth Madsen said...

You are an angel, so it makes sense that you would keep good company. xo