Friday, September 16, 2011

Some habits never die

Circa 2001? Note: Zigzag hair part, metallic "puffy" jean jacket, keyboard/monitor, baby face
This morning I answered my office phone and habitually announced "NetDocuments, this is Gina."
Then, I died.
Because I don't work at NetDocuments. In fact it's been over 7 years since I worked there. People, I do this ALL THE TIME. Even though I've worked other jobs in between, it's always "NetDocuments" that rolls off my tongue. Luckily this time me and the caller had a good hardy chuckle about my innocent slip before we moved on to other business. People are nice.
I'll never forget my first real job, working for my future father-in-law, studying for college (or, writing my missionary), switching shifts with Linds, watching "Elimidate" with my bff Ali during lunch hour, and generally just trying to keep my act together post high school, pre real world. That job taught me invaluable life lessons and skills that prepared me, in some way, for all the jobs I've had since. No wonder it's still ingrained. Sacred ground, that front desk.

Photo credit: courtesy of Alan Landes, current Director of QA for ND, who pulled this gem from the archives earlier this year.


Elizabeth Madsen said...

I LOVE this! Thank you NetDocuments for helping to shape one of my favorite people. And I love the adorable pic---you look about 12. :)

Two Wheeler said...

Gotta love NetDocs!

DeeDee, you can partially thank your husband too for keeping Gina employed :-) Wasatch VC and NetDocs have had a good relationship over the years!

Michelle+Ellie said...

YES! This front desk is very sacred... love the pic- i'm glad I can take care of her for ya;)

C*K*J said...

ummm. you couldn't be any cuter. love it!

Marc and Lindsay Duncan said...

Gina!! Those were the days!! I totally miss seeing your cute face everyday!!

Marriott + Ali said...

oh this makes me soooo nostalgic! We had such fun shootin the shiz down at that desk...and way more often than we should have, but I'm so glad we did. In fact I'm about 100% sure that if Alan would have turned the camera to the side there would be Ali. :)
and i totally remember that jacket...i loved it (and still do). and the zig zag.... nobody rocked the zig zag as well as you did G.

PS - I can't stop smiling :) :)

jane said...

I love it. And boy do I love the zigzag part. In fact I am sporting that lovely zigzag part in my engagement photos, never to be forgotten! ha ha.

Lacy said...

Totally remember that jacket! Love it.