Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life in iPhone pics

This has been stuck in my draft folder nearly all summer. Not sure what fancy-pants occasion I've been waiting for to post it, but since it is cold and rainy today I suppose it's acceptable to wrap up the last of our summer with some random phone pics.

6.30 Prototype: mini wedding cupcakes, 600!

7.12 Making stuff, neighborhood humanitarian day

7.22 Bonafied HOODLUMS, Deer Valley Outdoor Concert

7.23 Best $7.50 date night, State Street taco stand

7.28 Deedee the magical tennis ballerina

8.11 Richman Sisters and Aunt Polly

8.28 Tramp time at grandpa's

8.31 Loves it when I'm sick and cuddly


C*K*J said...

loves these pics.

Elizabeth Madsen said...

I love the iPhone pic posts. Gives such a good flavor of your life! xxo