Monday, November 28, 2011

Here we come a Christmasing

BD's phone was a bit broken this weekend, and shhhhhhh, but it was kinda the best thing ever! I practically had his full and undivided attention for a few days straight. Not that he isn't always and constantly and nonstop to the point of annoying giving me that kind of husbandly attention, I mean, what kind of blog do you think this is anyway? Ahem.
ANYWAY. The long weekend, was awesome. Four straight days of sleeping in, plus naps? Gimme. Last year we were busy planning and stressing about our big adventure in Brazil and we didn't even attempt to deck the halls knowing we wouldn't be around to enjoy it. Instead I was overly stressed about leaving behind a living will so that my family would know where to bury me (thanks for that, mom!). Last year on Christmas day I drank cocoa juice for breakfast and spent the day in the Bahian sun next to an infinity pool under a palm tree listening to waves crash below. Spoiled brat alert. This year I'm content to be home, embrace the winter wonderland, and rub Christmas glitter all over myself.

All in one day we had lunch and dinner with friends, and let me tell you we felt super popular. Like, high school popular, except less Abercrombie. Sometimes it seems we go months without doubling. But I guess we secretly like it that way too. Our double dating adventures ultimately brought us to see the lights on Temple Square. I'm usually not one for big crowds and freezing my tush off, but for this one special tradition there is always time and place. This year I especially enjoyed the nativities from around the world on the East side. Just sayin', the Japanese baby Jesus is ta-die for cute.

You know who else is cute? That little munchkin, Leah. She was a perfect angel that night all bundled up in the cold, not exactly sure what to make of all the lights and people, but nevertheless seemed thrilled to be part of it. When I'm not sitting next to her at church, she blows me kisses from her bench. Heart melt, big time. We're pretty lucky to have friends who will  hang out with us, and equally impressed that their kids are impeccably adorable and perfectly behaved, even in a toy store. Sheesh.


Michelle+Ellie said...

WOW. that first pic of the temple is stunning!

C*K*J said...

No kidding... that is the most beautiful picture of the temple I have ever seen! Such a fun date night. :)

Whitnée said...

You are a seriously talented writer G. :)

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Sad I missed out on the frigid fun! Nice way to get into the Christmas spirit. :)

kelli case anderson said...

the temple is sooo beautiful!