Friday, December 02, 2011

Twelve dates of Christmas: On our first date of Christmas...

...We ordered Chinese take-out and decorated our Christmas tree(s). We tend to prefer spending Friday nights in, it's just our thing after a long work week. I became a little sentimental while unboxing our three little trees this year. Years ago we had purchased them in a trio from the clearance rack at Shopko on the day before Christmas because we suddenly realized we didn't have a tree. Such a newlywed thing to do, pshaw. I grew up always having a real pine tree in the house for Christmas, but living in an old high rise condo you learn to adapt to a few things like quirky electrical problems and elderly intolerance for pine needles in the elevator. I do love these little trees. Now our house feels warm and bright (and also smells like cashew chicken).

**Thank you to Naomi of The Rockstar Diaries for the Twelve Dates of Christmas idea which has provided a creative way to be intentional about our marriage this month. I'm thinking this is a new holiday tradition (but don't hold me to it). Sometimes I love blogland so much I want to hug it, this is one of those times.

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The P*dunc's said...

you always make me smile.