Friday, July 20, 2012

Apricot Picking with Grandma

On Monday Bee and I drove down to Orem all by ourselves. As in, without BD. As in, someone put on their big girl pants and braved the 45 minute drive alone with an infant. Don't mind if I go ahead and pat myself on the back here. Momma can do hard things. Baby girl slept the whole entire way. Which means she wants to see her grandparents again! This is a good sign. 

My mom is in the process of fixing up and remodeling our family home to sell. It will be harder for me than expected to see the home change hands. I am sentimental about these things so I try not to think about it too much. And in the meantime will enjoy the apricots from this tree for one more summer. I loved watching Phoebe kick and play on the green grass that was my childhood. This section of lawn is where we did lines of cartwheels and was always the second to last "throw" of bocce ball. Stop it, or I'll cry.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

you're hilarious. braving that loooong stretch of I-15. ha! love it.

and i totally know what you mean about the sentimentality. i haven't lived in a house long enough to have lifelong memories that way, but when i went to our SLC house last february (when we knew we'd be staying in Vegas) i bawled my eyes out all night long. it's where both kids learned to crawl/walk, where haven was born, where basically all of my memories of life post-children occurred. it was a rough, rough night. yes, best not to think to long about these things.

Luciana, Bahia,Brazil said...

Feliz da Vida!

Hilary Frazier said...

Driving with an infant takes a lot of guts. Way to go! Finn started crying one time, which led to me crying, which led to me speeding and getting pulled over, which led to more hysterical crying.

Ginny Green said...

Little Phoeb, you are welcome to come down & play with me anytime. This may be the last time we can pick apricots. Maybe our new owner of the Richman home will let us have a few each year. It was a fun day & you were a perfect angel! Love You, Grandma Ginny