Thursday, July 12, 2012

Video: Burrowing Baby

I have about a thousand blog drafts about the birth story, the 4th of July, and mommyhood that are very nearly halfway done and waiting for me to give them 5 minutes of editing and a few pictures for good measure. But every time I attempt to sit at the computer my attention is directed elsewhere. I could/should be sleeping or at the very least hunting chocolate. Whoever said that new mommies shouldn't eat chocolate was dead wrong. New mommies require chocolate to survive.
Phoebe is 6 weeks old this very day and steals my heart about 100 times a minute. To celebrate, here is a little video of my burrowing baby that brings me joy. Very little of our lives could be considered "scheduled" these days, but our regular mornings consist of a stroller walk to the H-Rock with our neighborhood besties (so momma can get her talk on). Back at home we snuggle, nurse, and sing songs in the rocking chair until she's ready for a nap. When she's tired she burrows her head into my shoulder until she finds juuuuuuust the right place to fall I said, 100 times a minute.

Burrowing Baby from B&G Duncan on Vimeo.

And because I'm so obviously on a roll here today, one more of Phoebes smiling and cooing for her daddy. This girl and her daddy. More on that later!
Smiling for Daddy from B&G Duncan on Vimeo.

P.S. When BD watched this video he said, "Haha, I'm a dork." I said, "No, you're a dad!"


Whitnée said...

OMG - G. YOU are so dang cute!

C*K*J said...

I can't even stand it. you guys are my favorite family. period.

and i can't wait to have another burrowing baby. i miss it!


Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

OKAY..... first of all, that first video?! you look soooo happy. I just LOVE it! and that second video melts my heart!! ahhhh her smile!!!

Elizabeth Madsen said...

I agree--- you are pretty much the cutest thing ever! Oh and that baby is pretty darn cute too. :) She already likes to play peekaboo! She's a smart one, that Phoebes.

Bethani said...

I agree. You look so beautiful and so incredibly full of joy! Must admit that the hiccups are unbearably cute in the second video. It's not dorky btw, it's endearing :)

Marriott + Ali said...

ok...she is rewarding you guys BIG TIME for working so hard to get her here. WOW. Just get ready to miss that burrowing bit the rest of your life. That is too sweet! And you are too cute of a momma!